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Nearly 2 years ago

Four ways to boost a small business with great web design

When you’re running a small business, your website isn’t going to be as comprehensive as that of a much larger concern, but that doesn’t

Nearly 4 years ago

Data visualization: Solution to the saturation of information?

We all know that the Internet is an inexhaustible source of information.According to the report IBM Business Analytics and Optimization for the Intelligent Enterprise we are creating 2.5

Nearly 4 years ago

Slow loading on mobile sites negatively influences the perception of the brand

The slow loading speed on mobile sites negatively influences the perception of the brand. Users expect a page not take more than 4 seconds to

Nearly 4 years ago

New data show that only 1 in 10 online consumers prefer to buy mobile

There is no doubt that mobile devices play an important role in the process.Instead, when it comes to confirming the order, not end to

Nearly 4 years ago

The importance of adapting the online store tablets and mobile devices

The presence of tablets in households is increasingly important and demand is growing day by day. The current trend of consumption mode indicates that more

Nearly 4 years ago

Essential keys to sell more through the m-commerce

E-commerce is no longer just a matter of a computer, an Internet connection and an eager consumer buying. The boom of the tablets and

Nearly 4 years ago

E-commerce aspects dismayed customers and consumers

E-commerce is in full swing. Without going any further, it is expected that during this holiday season online customers crawl around 55 billion dollars,

Nearly 4 years ago

Keys to navigate safely on the Net

When browsing the Network of networks have to act cautiously, taking security measures appropriate to avoid complications such as loss of speed on our

Nearly 4 years ago

If we want to know the consumer has no choice but to go through the mobile

One of the challenges to be faced marks every day is to connect with the consumer and, for this, must have previously done their

increase sales
Nearly 4 years ago

How to increase the number of sales on our website

One of the main elements on which we must work hard through the web, is to resolve how to increase sales of our business. While it is