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Category : Digital Marketing

Nearly 1 year ago

Abracadabra, the word should never be used in marketing and social media

As we illustrated the Wikipedia itself, Abracadabra is a word used in the enchantment and magic of small primitive tribal groups. Although the origin of this word

Nearly 2 years ago

There comes a golden splendor and for marketing and digital advertising time

Just published the latest Online Advertisers Survey Report, report by Econsutancy and Rubicon Project, which analyzes some of the most significant trends and data

Nearly 2 years ago

40% of users think that makes social networks just want to sell

As the chorus of a song, it does not stop repeating that young people are leaving Facebook to address other social networks that arouse

Nearly 2 years ago

Big Data is providing marketing managers demonstrable advantage

The Big Data works. Of the organizations that have used the Big Data in at least 50% of their marketing initiatives, three out of five

Nearly 2 years ago

The 10 Commandments of brands in social networks

The presence in social networks is no guarantee of success for brands. But it is also true that Social Media has opened a new window

Nearly 2 years ago

Marketers believe that customized marketing is the future

Based shipping massive and impersonal marketing is a thing of the past. 77% of marketers think that actions based on personalized messages are much more

Nearly 2 years ago

Customers expect your answer in the Social Media no later than 10 minutes

When waiting for a response from the company, customer patience is increasingly limited. Impatience index of customers, developed in the UK, records that, in just

Nearly 2 years ago

8 Keys Professional Marketing on Twitter

It is a reality that microblogging has been incorporated into our habits and customs. Beyond the interaction from the platform, we mean that capacity that

Nearly 2 years ago

6 Essential Practices you cannot forget the social media strategy

Social networks have become a useful tool for reaching the target audience. This has led brands to focus on these channels 2.0. An activity

Nearly 2 years ago

Departments of Marketing and Technology, condemned to understand

Obviously, the purpose of every business is to sell, though this objective should not be pursued at all costs, imposed on such basic principles