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Nearly 2 years ago

This way you can delete the applications connected to your Facebook account after the last (and insufficient) changes

The storm of problems around Facebook continues . The Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to kick in, the leaked memo from a Facebook vice president talking about the possibility

Nearly 2 years ago

Health professionals and educators ask Facebook to abandon Messenger Kids, its application for children

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, an American coalition of health professionals, educators, advocacy groups, parents and individuals against marketing to children, yesterday sent a letter to

Nearly 2 years ago

Facebook will now send you notifications when someone uploads a photo you’re in, even if you’re not tagged

Facial recognition on Facebook has risen, the social network has announced new optional features that will allow users to find images they leave even when they have

Nearly 2 years ago

Facebook launches a Messenger for children who are not even old enough to use Facebook

For the first time, Facebook has decided to address the smallest of the house and share them, in a safe way, part of their platform. It

Nearly 3 years ago

Soon you will be able to emit in Facebook videos live from the PC with the navigator

Facebook has announced a series of news especially addressed to the publishers. The most outstanding is the expected possibility of being able to start live video retransmissions

Nearly 5 years ago

Good Solid Advice About Facebook Marketing That Anyone Can Use

Facebook is ready for you to join, so what is the hold up? Do you need answers to your Facebook marketing questions? Are you