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Nearly 1 week ago

Wearing and styling grey

Despite a reputation for being drab, grey is one of the most exciting and versatile colours around. The ways in which you can use

Nearly 4 years ago

Talking yourself in? The lingerie rules

There are a number of lingerie rules that are almost set in stone. We all know that a bra should fit properly, underwear shouldn’t

Nearly 4 years ago

Making the Most of Your Ears

Wearing pretty earrings can draw attention to your good features and help you feel more confident, but extremely long or heavy earrings can also

Fashion Trends
Nearly 4 years ago

SS16 Fashion Trends – Four Things to Watch out For

While we are currently in the grip of winter, it won’t be that long before spring 2016 is upon us. If you want to

fabric structures
Nearly 4 years ago

The different elements of fabric structures

The use of fabric structures is increasing, with more companies realising how easy to install and effective they are. Tensile structures can be erected

Right Jeans
Nearly 4 years ago

Choosing the Right Jeans for Your Shape

While jeans might be the staple of most wardrobes, a lot of women are wearing the wrong type of jeans for their body shape.