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Nearly 1 year ago

These are some of the services with which Google wants to take third-party traffic

Google has long ceased to be a simple search engine. In it we can find everything that exists on the Internet – or almost everything – and

Nearly 2 years ago

Google closes its API to book flights and will affect dozens of companies

In July 2010, Google confirmed the purchase of ITA, a small US company specialized in providing flight information to airlines, travel agencies and other online booking

Nearly 2 years ago

Why Google will stop reading your emails to address advertising

Google will stop tracking the content of the emails of Gmail users, a controversial practice that has allowed them to show targeted advertising within

Nearly 2 years ago

Google changes how its searches work to deal with false news

False news is a serious problem that is always topical. Moreover, its reach has reached a point where they have even been accused of being determinants in the

Nearly 2 years ago

Google has already asked you to delete 2.120 million URLs from one million different websites by Copyright

This weekend Google has updated several of its transparency reports, which tells you how many daily and total requests you receive to remove content from your

Nearly 3 years ago

YouTube to launch 40 original production shows to attract advertisers

YouTube will release six original TV series on the online video portal for free. This year will debut the first, to be announced at the

Nearly 3 years ago

Should we take into account in our strategy Google+ content?

The arrival of Google+ has not left anyone indifferent. His most famous each time +1 are gaining in importance, which has led to think that

Nearly 3 years ago

How I could surprise Google+ to businesses and brands?

Since the arrival of Google+, the new social network Google, much speculated about innovations, strategies and added value that this network could be integrated

Nearly 4 years ago

Panda and Penguin: Google’s Ongoing Algorithm Updates

Google may have chosen to endow two of its most significant search algorithms with cutesy names, but for many webmasters and SEO specialists there

Nearly 4 years ago

Going Mobile: The Future of Search and SEO

If you believe the hype then social media is the hottest online trend of the past decade and will be more important to businesses