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Nearly 4 days ago

The eleven worst things you can do to lose weight facing the summer

It is inevitable that when good weather arrives, many people think about getting fit and losing weight: the famous bikini operation. We already know that a

Nearly 1 week ago

Avoid these mistakes by jumping rope

Jumping rope is an exercise with great advantages for our body, because it allows to gain resistance, burn calories, tone muscles and have fun at

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Spring allergy and outdoor exercise, are they compatible?

Seasonal allergy is very frequent in these months of the year when the pollination of the flowers is present, and can cause symptoms that are accentuated

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Why is our brain programmed to like sugar if it is harmful to our health?

Although we are concerned, sugar is currently an important part of our diet: peoples consume about 94 grams of sugar daily (between direct consumption and

Nearly 1 month ago

Threshold and perception of pain: What they are and how they affect us?

For pain threshold means the minimum intensity of stimulation that causes pain sensation. It is not a constant, because it can vary within the subject itself (it depends on the

Nearly 1 month ago

Warning cavities, too many children quench their thirst with drinks that are not water

The Royal College of Surgery of the United Kingdom warned a week ago that children’s dental health was getting worse at times, and that in the

Nearly 1 month ago

How long does it take the stomach to digest food?

Digestion is the process by which we can get to our body, the nutrients that contain the food we eat. However, how long does it take

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Nearly 2 months ago

Compiling ten of my protein fitness desserts

When we follow a diet that controls and fits a specific goal, generally thinking about a rich dessert and within our “possibilities” seems almost

Nearly 2 months ago

Is it worth paying so much for organic food? For these, in particular, yes

While it is true that every day increases the number of adepts to food of bioor ecological origin, the truth is that its high cost, generally, makes it

Nearly 2 months ago

Passive treatment or active treatment in Physical Therapy

In Physical Therapy, physical agents are applied to prevent and treat injuries and pathologies. There is a passive part in the treatment (bandage, massage, heat, currents, mobilizations …) and