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Nearly 4 weeks ago

Cancer, hypertension, overweight, obesity, memory, dental health we talk about this when we talk about sugar

We all know that an excess of sugar is not advisable if we want to take care of the health of the organism, however,

Nearly 1 month ago

If you have been told that eating everything on a small plate is good, you should know this

Eating less of everything we ate before or eating a little of everything are usually frequent recommendations at the time of losing weight, however, if

Nearly 1 month ago

Adequate hydration, key to weight control

Being well hydrated is synonymous with a healthy and functional body, in fact, when we present some degree of dehydration, our physical and mental

Nearly 2 months ago

Are you vegan and want to gain muscle mass? It is possible with these tips

We always associate the vegan diet with a light diet, ideal for losing weight. And for that, we can believe that being vegan and gaining muscle

Nearly 2 months ago

Some tips to avoid intestinal imbalances on vacation

In summer trips and transfers to different areas of the habitual residence are something that is the order of the day. Many people are affected

Nearly 2 months ago

The importance of rest in muscle injuries

The muscle injuries occur frequently in sport. They may be of diverse consideration, and need conservative or more invasive treatment, depending on the case. Therefore, it is

Nearly 2 months ago

Can artificial sweeteners generate more hunger?

Sugar substitutes are commonly used to reduce caloric intake derived from sugars, especially in weight loss diets, but a recent study published in the journal

Nearly 3 months ago

Healthy ideas to take advantage of plums this season

At this time of year, plums find their best period of consumption and we can get them at a very good price and quality, so today

Nearly 3 months ago

Diet FODMAPs: Is it really worth it to put it into practice?

The FODMAP diet of that spoke long and explain how to make it is a diet that is proposed for the treatment of different intestinal diseases such as irritable

Nearly 3 months ago

Adolescents, vulnerable to obesity: Is it the fault of evolution?

The obesity in children and adolescents has been growing in recent years, and is one of the issues that most concern to both researchers and physicians and