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Nearly 4 days ago

This is how the gym cardio machines help you lose the extra weight of Christmas

The use of the machines available in the cardio zone inside the gyms does not have to be something tedious and boring when our goal is

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Three simple Yoga postures to get started in this discipline

Surely many of you have decided to start doing Yoga in this new year, either as a main activity to get fit or as a complement to other

Nearly 2 weeks ago

If you want a strong abdomen (and take care of your health), stop doing sit-ups and train the core!

Having a strong abdomen and, above all, well marked and defined, is and will remain one of the main objectives of many people who come to the

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Is it better to shower in the morning or at night? We have changed our routine and this has been our experience

We all have our daily rituals that help us effectively complete those tasks that we have to accomplish each day, and once we establish

Nearly 1 month ago

Raynaud’s syndrome or cold hands: a condition that worsens in winter

With the cold of winter, some diseases flourish, especially those affected by this season. This is the case of Raynaud’s syndrome or cold hands, of which

Nearly 1 month ago

Cystitis: a more frequent urinary disease during the winter

In the cold, not only flu is more frequent, but many other infections are increased due to the spread of pathogenic microorganisms or exposure

Nearly 2 months ago

The egg and our cardiovascular health: dismantling the most common myths

The relationship between egg consumption , cholesterol and cardiovascular health has been the subject of debate and research for many years, and still is. Science has denied many myths about this issue, and

Nearly 2 months ago

Everything you need to know about intermittent fasting 16/8

When we talk about nutrition, there are two issues that most debates and controversies can raise today: the importance and need to eat breakfast or not,

Nearly 2 months ago

Effects of high intensity training (HIIT) in patients with metabolic syndrome

When talking about high intensity training , it is normal to think of healthy people performing this type of training. But, what would happen if I told

Nearly 2 months ago

Everything you need to know about generalized anxiety disorder

As we have already explained, the line of mental disorders is sometimes diffuse and difficult to recognize when a negative emotion is something normal and when we