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Nearly 2 days ago

If you want a perfect smile restricts the consumption of these foods

The food we follow not only translates into our health and body appearance, but what we eat is also reflected in our dental health. If

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Do they hypertrophied in the same degree the abs than other muscle groups?

Looking at a marked and well defined six pack is one of the most common and desired goals, but do they respond in the same way, hypertrophically speaking,

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Constant weight fluctuations could increase cardiac risk

Thousands of people every day try to lose weight by going to strict diets or other tools that allow a sudden loss of kilos,

Nearly 1 month ago

Do not fool yourself: You need much more than 21 days to create that healthy habit

Surely on more than one occasion we have heard that to acquire a habit is enough with only 21 days. It is a widespread belief and most

Nearly 2 months ago

I do not do crossfit, I weights and functional training

If something is fashionable lately is to do crossfit, there are more and more boxes to practice this sport, but today I want to

Nearly 3 months ago

Cancer, hypertension, overweight, obesity, memory, dental health we talk about this when we talk about sugar

We all know that an excess of sugar is not advisable if we want to take care of the health of the organism, however,

Nearly 3 months ago

If you have been told that eating everything on a small plate is good, you should know this

Eating less of everything we ate before or eating a little of everything are usually frequent recommendations at the time of losing weight, however, if

Nearly 3 months ago

Adequate hydration, key to weight control

Being well hydrated is synonymous with a healthy and functional body, in fact, when we present some degree of dehydration, our physical and mental

Nearly 3 months ago

Are you vegan and want to gain muscle mass? It is possible with these tips

We always associate the vegan diet with a light diet, ideal for losing weight. And for that, we can believe that being vegan and gaining muscle

Nearly 4 months ago

Some tips to avoid intestinal imbalances on vacation

In summer trips and transfers to different areas of the habitual residence are something that is the order of the day. Many people are affected