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Nearly 2 weeks ago

Satiety: The factors that help and those that do not relieve hunger

The satiety or lack of hunger is affected by different factors: chemical, cognitive, physical and therefore if we want to calm the hunger we tell the factors that

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Heat wave alert! 5 ways to hydrate if you’re not a fan of water

A good hydration is a key factor not only of summer, but of our day to day. They usually recommend eating an average of 2 liters

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Kakasana or crow posture: This is done step by step and these are its benefits

Kakasana or the posture of the crow is one of the most recurrent balancing asanas in Yoga. It helps us to gain strength in our arms and wrists, to

Nearly 1 month ago

The seven foods that a nutritionist would eliminate from your diet if you want to lose weight

To achieve an effective and healthy weight loss is important to make some adjustments to our diet and is always better by the hand

Nearly 1 month ago

Training with TRX, why does it work so well?

The suspension training bodyweight own aims to develop the strength, the balance, the flexibilityand stability of the core (core) at the same time. This training requires the use of the TRX, a highly portable tool that takes advantage

Nearly 2 months ago

What you have to avoid (and what you have to eat) at your hotel breakfast buffet to get a healthy plate

Ah, the breakfast buffets of the holiday hotels! Perhaps they are the best part of summer vacation for many who choose a résort to spend their days of rest. And

Nearly 2 months ago

Choose a hydration pack: Seven key points to consider

If you go running in summer you will know the importance of staying well hydrated before, after and, above all, during your training. If you also like

Nearly 2 months ago

Medical tests for athletes: These are the most frequent

Both to prepare for a sport activity of certain intensity to treat and recover from injuries and problems arising from exercise, there are various tests and explorations that are quite

Nearly 2 months ago

Percentage of body fat: How far can we naturally lower it?

One of the most frequent doubts when doing weight training and a well-planned diet focused on hypertrophy is to know how much muscle or

Nearly 2 months ago

Hip! What happens to us when we have hiccups and what science says about the tricks to remove it

Hiccup. It puts me in a bad mood just thinking about it. Damn hiccup. It is one of the most annoying and irritating sensations that our own