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Nearly 1 day ago

The sugar that hides your protein shake

In the fitness world we find a variety of supplements that we usually use to enrich our diet and obtain better results. One of the

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Pollution kills more than AIDS, violence or war around the world

The pollution is the main environmental cause of illness and premature death worldwide. The pathologies derived from environmental pollution were responsible for some 9 million deaths in 2015

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Who is behind the main studies on food?

Science is supposed to be objective (although that is debatable, of course), but scientists are human, and as humans they are, they have needs, preferences,

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Seven absurd and dangerous diets that can ruin your health

If there are two key moments during the year in which the most sought after words in Google are “diet” or “lose weight”, we could

Nearly 1 month ago

The importance of sports psychology: This is how it helps you reach your goal

The sports psychology is a branch of psychology that is gaining increasing importance for their great contribution when athletes reach their goals. Having a psychologist to help

Nearly 2 months ago

Seven original ideas for adding vegetables to the diet

If we think of vegetables we usually imagine a plate filled with steamed vegetables or a fresh salad. And although many of these options are

Nearly 2 months ago

The best options to get fit this course

We are about to start the school year and after the excesses of summer, many people think about going back to exercising and getting

Nearly 2 months ago

Satiety: The factors that help and those that do not relieve hunger

The satiety or lack of hunger is affected by different factors: chemical, cognitive, physical and therefore if we want to calm the hunger we tell the factors that

Nearly 3 months ago

Heat wave alert! 5 ways to hydrate if you’re not a fan of water

A good hydration is a key factor not only of summer, but of our day to day. They usually recommend eating an average of 2 liters

Nearly 3 months ago

Kakasana or crow posture: This is done step by step and these are its benefits

Kakasana or the posture of the crow is one of the most recurrent balancing asanas in Yoga. It helps us to gain strength in our arms and wrists, to