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Category : Health

Nearly 1 day ago

Medical tests for athletes: These are the most frequent

Both to prepare for a sport activity of certain intensity to treat and recover from injuries and problems arising from exercise, there are various tests and explorations that are quite

Nearly 1 week ago

Percentage of body fat: How far can we naturally lower it?

One of the most frequent doubts when doing weight training and a well-planned diet focused on hypertrophy is to know how much muscle or

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Hip! What happens to us when we have hiccups and what science says about the tricks to remove it

Hiccup. It puts me in a bad mood just thinking about it. Damn hiccup. It is one of the most annoying and irritating sensations that our own

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Free bench press vs machine bench press

The bench press is one of the most used exercises for upper train training, mainly involving the pectoralis major and the triceps, followed by the anterior

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Men and women walk differently: These are their implications in sports and rehabilitation

Men and women walk differently. This is due to biomechanical differences and the use of different gait control strategies. The knowledge of these differences can have multiple applications, both

Nearly 1 month ago

Salmonellosis: Why the risk of poisoning increases in summer

The salmonellosis is one of the most food poisoning related to the summer months, which makes us look askance at those Russian salads languishing for hours in

Nearly 2 months ago

Running on the beach, yes, but with these precautions to avoid possible risks

Walking and running along the shore of the beach are the “star activities” of the holiday days. Although these habits are beneficial for our health,

Nearly 2 months ago

How to apply the Nadal Method to your professional life

He is a reference as an athlete and as a person for his values ​​and his behavior both on and off the track. But we

Nearly 2 months ago

Mixed grip: How it is done and when it is used

Stop to think for a moment: how do you hold the bar in an exercise that requires you to put on a lot of weight

Nearly 2 months ago

The ideal weight does not exist according to the experts

We can not help but wonder if it really is so important to adjust to that ideal for our health, if there is a certain and