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Nearly 5 days ago

Is it worth paying so much for organic food? For these, in particular, yes

While it is true that every day increases the number of adepts to food of bioor ecological origin, the truth is that its high cost, generally, makes it

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Passive treatment or active treatment in Physical Therapy

In Physical Therapy, physical agents are applied to prevent and treat injuries and pathologies. There is a passive part in the treatment (bandage, massage, heat, currents, mobilizations …) and

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Know better why the flatus appears and how to end it

Much has been said about the flatus, but there are still many doubts about it. It is true that there is no conclusive theory about it. For

Nearly 1 month ago

Is panga consumption safe?

I suppose you will all have heard, if you have never consumed it, on the panga. An originally Asian variety whose consumption has increased,

Nearly 1 month ago

The three most frequent mistakes in a vegetarian diet that make you gain weight and three solutions

Neither a vegetarian diet is synonymous with “slimming diet” nor begin to carry a vegetarian diet ensures you lose weight. In fact, an ill-posed vegetarian diet does

Nearly 2 months ago

How to Choose a Good Ballast Vest: What’s To Be Considered?

A few days ago, the jmbrum asked us in the section of answers what should be taken into account when choosing a good ballasted vest that allows

Nearly 2 months ago

Properties of citrus fruits: What about vitamin C and other nutrients when cooking them?

The citrus fruits are foods that can not fail to take advantage to ingest variety of vitamins and minerals that benefit the health of the body

Nearly 2 months ago

If you want a perfect smile restricts the consumption of these foods

The food we follow not only translates into our health and body appearance, but what we eat is also reflected in our dental health. If

Nearly 2 months ago

Do they hypertrophied in the same degree the abs than other muscle groups?

Looking at a marked and well defined six pack is one of the most common and desired goals, but do they respond in the same way, hypertrophically speaking,

Nearly 3 months ago

Constant weight fluctuations could increase cardiac risk

Thousands of people every day try to lose weight by going to strict diets or other tools that allow a sudden loss of kilos,