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Category : Health

Nearly 6 months ago

Carbohydrates at night do not make you fat, and science supports it

When we talk about eating carbohydrates at night, the first thing that comes to mind is that we are going to get fat. Most people think that

Nearly 7 months ago

The nine best exercises with kettlebells or kettlebells to work your whole body

The kettlebell is an accessory that every day is present in more gyms, but perhaps few people know how to use to get the most out

Nearly 7 months ago

This is what you should eat and drink before and after donating blood

Giving blood is an act of generosity to others, because we can help saving lives with minimal effort. After the extraction of 450 ml of blood, they

Nearly 7 months ago

These are the machines that you can find in the gym to work your legs

In the gym there are two ways to work mainly: one is through free weights , which includes bars, dumbbells, disks, kettlebells or sandbags . This option has the

Nearly 7 months ago

The nine best apps for exercising without leaving home

Lack of time or the laziness of having to travel to the gym for physical activity are two very common excuses among those who do not

Nearly 8 months ago

Does it cost you to train the lower train? We give you seven reasons and four exercises to do it

In many occasions we have commented the importance of working the lower train to achieve a perfect body balance and another series of points that

Nearly 8 months ago

Save your money: food intolerance tests have no scientific support

In the world of food and the healthy sector, sometimes it is not easy to distinguish what things have a solid scientific basis and what things

Nearly 8 months ago

These are the seven most common mistakes when we train for a marathon

The training for a marathon is not easy, and yet it is the most beautiful part of the race. Days, weeks and months dedicated to training to

Nearly 8 months ago

The best ideas to intensify your burpees

The burpees are an exercise of great intensity and we usually hate but it is really effective to get in shape since we only need our

Nearly 9 months ago

This is how the gym cardio machines help you lose the extra weight of Christmas

The use of the machines available in the cardio zone inside the gyms does not have to be something tedious and boring when our goal is