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Nearly 11 months ago

How to update Windows to the latest version

One of the most important things we must do to ensure the minimum security in our equipment is to keep the operating system updated. It is

Nearly 12 months ago

Goodbye, Cortana: How to disable Cortana in Windows 10

The personal assistant of Microsoft is one of the most emblematic features of Windows 10 , and yet there are many users who simply do not want

Nearly 1 year ago

How to make a full copy of Windows 10 with all the content of the computer

Windows 10 offers many facilities to create backup copies . On the one hand it maintains the tools that were implemented in Windows 8, while on the

Nearly 1 year ago

Skype will have private conversations thanks to Signal encryption

Microsoft has partnered with Signal to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype. The first to enjoy the new feature will be the members of the Skype Insider program. Like Facebook

Nearly 1 year ago

Microsoft stops accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for the instability of the cryptocurrency

Unless you have been living under a cave, you most likely have heard something about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and how the digital currency markets are

Nearly 2 years ago

The easiest way to increase startup speed in Windows 10

There are many things you can do to tune up your computer with Windows 10, but not everyone has time for that, and let’s face

Nearly 2 years ago

Microsoft wants close to Android and iOS in Windows 10

The new preview of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (in its build 16251) brings several interesting developments. Among them, that Android users can connect their

Nearly 2 years ago

Why an operating system should be updated without your permission or almost?

The recent attack of ransomware carried out by WannaCry has raised a new debate on computer security, and among the questions that the attack has generated

Nearly 2 years ago

Microsoft is proud to have almost 1000 apps converted in its store, but …

Yesterday Microsoft celebrated its Build 2017, the event aimed at developers where it presented its latest developments for the most technical audience. Among them, according to Neowin point,

Nearly 2 years ago

Windows 10 S vs Chrome OS, how they compare in services and applications

There are many questions that arise from this announcement, what exactly is Windows 10 S?, what can I do with this system that I can