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Category : Microsoft

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Several users sue Microsoft for losing data when upgrading to Windows 10

The Windows 10 update system was negligently designed, and Microsoft has not fixed its problems. It is part of what is reported by three Illinois

Nearly 4 weeks ago

How to accelerate the boot in Windows: Tricks and applications

Unlike mobile phones or tablets, when we buy a laptop or desktop we do so with an eye on the future, and with the intention

Nearly 2 months ago

Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2017, with support for Windows, macOS and Linux applications

Microsoft remains determined to carve a niche among users of other operating systems, at least among its developers. The latest movement with which he has confirmed

Nearly 3 months ago

Microsoft prepares Windows 10 Cloud Shell, assault the cloud or retry Windows RT

Microsoft seems to be working on a new version of Windows 10, which according to US media Petri would carry the name “Cloud Shell”. At the moment

Nearly 7 months ago

UBlock Origin comes to Microsoft Edge to improve its poor ecosystem of extensions

The new Microsoft browser is one that is full of potential, and yet a year and a half after its release next to Windows