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Nearly 2 days ago

Common MOT Failure Reasons

All cars in the UK that are more than 3 years must have a valid MOT carried out once a year (unless the car

Nearly 4 days ago

The Many Uses of a Log Cabin

If you’ve ever thought about an extension but either couldn’t get the planning permission or the cost was prohibitive, then there are other options

Nearly 3 weeks ago

What are the options when replacing a flat roof?

Flat roofs are often a source of concern for property owners, but if they are properly installed and maintained they shouldn’t present major problems.

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Renting Myths Debunked

There are many misconceptions about landlords and renting. However, since renting is on the rise in the UK, it’s about time we laid rest

Nearly 3 weeks ago

When Hades loses his temper

The character Hades from the Disney hit film Hercules is an oddly amusing and compelling character. With his side kicks Panic and Pain, he

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Career profiles: The Locum GP

Becoming a locum can offer a general practitioner (GP) the chance to work flexibly in different healthcare environments. Here is a look at the

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Nearly 3 weeks ago

Optimising web design for digital marketing and SEO

You could have the world’s most visually appealing website, but if you haven’t also implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy, you’ll struggle to attract the

Nearly 4 weeks ago

The thoughts of the Richard Gilmore Group

Stung by hurt after being managed out of a company that he helped to build, Richard Gilmore probably had a lot to consider when

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Six tips when offering your property as a student rental

The scramble for student accommodation starts in mid-autumn and extends into the spring. If you are offering your property to the student market, here

Nearly 1 month ago

Application Development Lifecycle And Management

An application, in simple terms is a specific solution that helps deal with specific problems. This solution is created with an operating system in mind and