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Nearly 2 days ago

Where in the World Might Spark a Global Nuclear War?

Many people remember the ongoing threat of nuclear war during the cold war from 1950s until the 1980s but in recent years it seems

Nearly 3 days ago

Going on a picnic to your local beauty spot

The summer has arrived, the skies are blue, the sun is shining, the weather forecast is awesome and you decide you are going on

Nearly 3 days ago

Why we all need a bit of shelving in our homes

The humble shelf is such an integral part of the home that we really don’t appreciate it as much as we should do. Whilst

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Nearly 6 days ago

What Are The Implications Of Japanese Knotweed?

One of the most dangerous and costly threats that can imperil selling your home in the UK is not subsidence, not dry rot, but

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Nearly 7 days ago

The wonderful world of glass

Glass is all around use. We use it in everyday items such as the cups we drink from, the spectacles we use to see

Nearly 4 weeks ago

What is the TV Show ‘Hunted’ and Why You Won’t Want to Miss It

Hunted is a TV show on Channel 4 that invites members of the public to become a ‘wanted fugitive’  to see how long they

Nearly 1 month ago

The Positives and Negatives of Buying an Old House

If you are a lover of cute whimsical cottages and period houses, then you may want to decide on an old house if you

Nearly 1 month ago

A basic introduction to Rubber Moulding

Rubber moulding is the process by which rubber is moulded into shape to fit a custom product. Some popular methods include rubber injection moulding

Nearly 1 month ago

4 Reasons to hire an expert to free blocked drains

Blocked drains are caused by the build-up of obstructing materials and objects in the pipe that transports wastewater. These types of objects and materials

Nearly 1 month ago

How the cost of moving might be more than you think.

If you’re buying a house, you will face additional costs on top of funding a mortgage. Research has found that expenses that come up