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Nearly 1 day ago

Facts about glass

Glass is all around us everyday of our lives but how much do we really know about this substance that we see and use

Nearly 3 days ago

If you cannot move, then be sure to improve!

If you try to sell your house or want to move but find it financially impossible, there are several ways you can improve your

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Nearly 2 weeks ago

What does your favourite colour say about you?

Everybody has a favourite colour and whilst many place no real significance on their preference, the colour they choose can reveal a lot about

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Which woods are best to burn on my stove?

Wood burning stoves are becoming more and more popular, as people turn away from traditional gas boilers to more environmentally-friendly ways of keeping their

Nearly 2 weeks ago

How Does the Weather Affect Your Car Battery?

The answer is – probably not in the way you think. We tend to think of battery problems as a winter phenomenon, as we

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Bake your way to success

The ‘Great British Bake Off’ burst onto our screens a few years ago and although there has been a change of judge and presenters

Nearly 2 weeks ago

A story that need to be told – Sméagol and Frodo

Gollum was now Sméagol. He had agreed to help the Master, the one called Frodo even though he was a Bagginses! The Fat one

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Beauty-on-the-go with wearable Tech

The massive surge in wearable technology is set to hit the beauty industry, as consumers use it for beauty on-the-go. This has meant that

Nearly 1 month ago

Why use animation on your website?

If you want your website to work for you to the best of its ability, you need to add some animation. Using animation with

Nearly 1 month ago

Six little-known facts about St Patrick

St Patrick’s Day on 17 March is becoming ever-more popular amongst people who want to celebrate the life of Ireland’s patron saint. St Patrick’s