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Category : Sport

Nearly 3 years ago

Learn to tie the laces of your running shoes according to your needs

How do you tie your shoelaces in your running shoes? It may seem a simple question but in reality it is not so simple: there are many different

Nearly 4 years ago

The players with the most titles in the world

Want to know who the players with the most titles in the world? The contentious landscape often changes often, we have seen changes in

Nearly 4 years ago

Leopard SpeedX wants to be the first ‘smart bike’ highway within reach of many pockets

We do not usually bring Xataka many bicycles, unless it’s something really interesting, we mainly stopped to review models with electric propulsion, or special

Nearly 5 years ago

Bowling: Five Great Tips for Rookies

Bowling is one of the fastest growing sports in the United Kingdom. As well as being fun, healthy and competitive, it bears the patina

drilling using a medicine ball
Nearly 5 years ago

Drilling vs Play for Sporting Performance

When it comes to the debate over drilling vs playing a sport, the arguments are passionate on both sides. Should you spend time on