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With the global economy struggling, the price of heating our homes soaring, petrol and diesel prices up and food prices rising, families all over the country are struggling to make ends meet.  Any extra money that can be made from the sale of personal collectables, antiquities, or just household knick-knacks is gratefully received and a blessing. Having access to a good sized, reliable vehicle is essential if you are thinking of getting involved in this lucrative business. You will need space in a van to pick up and transport any items that you can sell or maybe even buy.  The best option for this is to contact a professional company such as who specialise in Van Hire Bristol and choose a vehicle that suits your needs.  There are various sizes to choose from and you can rest assured that the van you choose is reliable and fully road worthy.

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Do your research on which markets are best suited for you to sell your van load and make sure you arrive early at the site.  Setting up the items and displaying them nicely is key to selling, have plenty of loose change and think about a pricing strategy before customers start to arrive and begin bartering.  If you do well at the market you could even decide to start your own small business, where you buy antiques, collectables and memorabilia and sell them for a profit.  You can get your family involved in the business and enjoy attending the markets together.

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The beauty of hiring a vehicle to transport your items to a market, is that you are only paying for it when you need it.  You have none of the maintenance or upkeep of the van to pay for and you can choose different sized vehicles if you have bigger or smaller transport requirements.  Also, knowing that your precious cargo is being transported from A to B safely is a huge bonus. Research is key, do your homework, maybe even buy your merchandise from charity stores, or maybe a house clearance, where you are likely to get a precious heirloom for a great price.  When you are at the market, have a bargain bucket next to your stall where you can sell little nick-nacks cheaply and this will also help bring customers to look at your other more expensive merchandise.

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