Caster Wheels Help Businesses Simplify Daily Routines

Casters are sturdy wheels that can support lightweight items and heavyweight products. When these wheels are equipped on different carts, a staff is able to transport towels, food, and other items to various indoor and outdoor destinations faster.


In the hotel industry, lobby employees use baggage carts to move luggage to suites. On the bottom of a baggage cart, there are four caster wheels. Because each caster spins 360 degrees, hotel employees can easily maneuver baggage carts around guests in a crowded lobby. If an employee has to change directions while moving a cart, the casters will stop and turn instantly. Casters for baggage equipment have a high weight limit, so speed doesn’t decrease when dozens of hefty bags on loaded on a cart.


Kitchen carts for residential use and commercial use have a reasonable weight capacity. They can support dishes, canned goods, boxed foods, and appliances. No matter how inventory is arranged on a kitchen cart, stability won’t be an issue because this cart has solid pieces that are very balanced. Most low-cost carts have two platforms that are stacked, and they also have an inclined handle that givers a user great control.

Travel Carts

Travel carts are available in two varieties. The main options are

  • Traditional carts: Traditional carts that are made for travelers have four casters, a solid base, and a long handle. These carts also have a durable foundation that can support a few bags and suitcases.
  • Commercial carts: Commercial options have professional-grade wheels that can hold 5000 pounds. Airline crews usually use commercial carts with 5000 lb casters to move huge bundles of luggage to different destinations for travelers.

Besides these uses, mechanics and sports teams also take advantage of carts with casters. They use travel carts to transport and organize important equipment.

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