Do I Need Self-Employed Income Protection?

The answer to the question “Should I have self-employed income protection?” is most likely going to be yes. The reason why this is so important to protect your interests is because you are often the most vulnerable when it comes to unexpected events such as illness or accident.

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As a general rule, however, you should never rely solely on your self-employed status to secure your financial future. If there is a sudden onset of illness that affects your capacity to work or if you become seriously ill and unable to work then the income protection can be made available for you. It is important, however, not to rely entirely on working in your own interests to secure your financial future. You should also keep in mind that there will be situations in which you will need to rely on other people to help you maintain your standard of living. For financial help for the self-employed, consider Bookkeeping Chippenham at a site like Chippendale and Clark

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When you are deciding whether or not you should have income protection policies for yourself and your family, you should take into account any dependents that you may have. If you have more than one dependent, you should seek independent advice on the best way to ensure that you have the sufficient protection to cover all of them. If you want to protect your business assets, you may also want to consider claiming additional business assets from your business insurance policy. However, you should always remember that no matter how much money you have invested into your work, this should never be seen as an excuse to not claim benefits and to protect your future.

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