Going Back to the Office – A Good thing or a Bad thing?

The past eighteen months has been a strange time for all of us. For many, life didn’t change all that much but for the majority of people life changed a lot! Before the pandemic, working from home wasn’t something that a lot of people did, but as the world started to shut down, many of us found ourselves changing our lives, and our dining tables and bedrooms started to double up as an office!

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As we now start to go back to a much more normal way of life, many workplaces are still allowing employees to work from home as they have seen that it can be beneficial to the company, whereas others want to get people back as soon as possible.

Working from home is something that most people have strong feelings about – for some, they loved the ease of home working and the fact they had no commute to deal with, and the fact that they could just get on and concentrate on their work, without the distraction of colleagues.

However for others, working from home has been so difficult – for some if it is the case of a slow computer or poor internet connection it is something that can easily be resolved with the help of someone like laptop repairs Gloucester based company Cotswold computer medic.

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But for other people working from home has been hard from a mental health perspective – feeling loneliness and isolation away from the office, as well as struggling to manage work and childcare has meant that there are a lot of people who are desperate to get back to work in the office!

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