Top tricks to spring cleaning your office

In just a few months, spring will roll around once again. A season characterised by renewal and rebirth, it really is the perfect time of year to carry out a good spring clean in your office space.

Top tricks to spring cleaning your office

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They say that a cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind, and with research indicating that mess and disorganisation can be linked to stress, it seems that this old adage could have some truth to it. Not only this, but a report in Forbes suggests that your colleagues will also judge your professionalism based on the appearance of your workspace. What more do you need to make you clean up your act at work?

Use a Zone System

Create a ‘zone’ system on your desk to really make the most productive use of your space. A designated area for filing, archives, day-to-day work, stationary and so on means that you’ll be super organised. Keep only a handful of things within arm’s reach – everything else should be stored in its zone. Although companies are striving towards a paperless culture, this is still mostly impractical in office environments, so keep good filing systems for your paperwork too.

Get Rid

Experts believe that the amount of space we have to work in isn’t an issue, it’s more about us being hoarders and keeping hold of too much unnecessary equipment. Allocate yourself a certain number of files, shelving and desk space and when it becomes full, take stock of your belongings and get rid of things that aren’t needed. This also means tackling the all-too-common ‘junk drawer’ that many of us have.

Personal Possessions

Letting your personal belongings clutter your workspace can cause mess and create distractions. Leave your coat and bag in a designated cloakroom or hanging area that is away from your desk. Management should consider using specialist office cleaners such as this commercial cleaning services in Cardiff ( to ensure that these communal areas also stay secure and tidy.

Keep Your Digital Space Tidy Too

Keeping your desk tidy is important, but digital clutter can also cause us to feel stressed and out of control with our workload. Arrange your emails like you would your papers – neatly and in folders – and keep your desktop icons in some sort of logical arrangement too.

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