How business operations drastically changed during and after the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Four years ago, the Covid 19 Pandemic was starting to sweep the whole world and nation after nation went into Lockdown and quarantine.  Businesses had to shut their doors and office workers had to stay at home, trying to complete important work and make calls etc while juggling crucial childcare.  Companies had to adapt and change the way they communicated with customers and work colleagues.  No more face-to-face meetings, discussions took place online, orders were completed via computers, laptops and mobile phones. Ordinary people had to learn how to place weekly supermarket food shops online and order essential clothing and household goods via Google.

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Businesses learnt very quickly that having a professional SEO Consultant like to help them digitally promote their Brand to the top of the Google ladder and get their company name on page one meant they attracted more customers and therefore made more money. These specialist Search Engine Optimisation organisations had the know-how and the technology to take companies that were struggling to compete in the “New Normal” market and transform their Websites, Branding and Logos in order to get them onto page one of Google, the most used Search Engine.

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Now that the Pandemic is under control from the use of a world-wide vaccination programme some office workers have gone back into work while others are happy to remain working from home.  Online business operations have continued to grow and forward thinking companies are turning to the SEO experts to promote their brands and keep them growing.

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