Avoid these mistakes by jumping rope

Jumping rope is an exercise with great advantages for our body, because it allows to gain resistance, burn calories, tone muscles and have fun at the same time with a minimum of sports equipment and wherever we are.

However, jump rope requires its technique and there are many beginners who after a few jumps must stop because the rope has been on their knees and they have not been able to jump. If this has happened to you, we show you the mistakes you should avoid jumping rope.

Frequent but avoidable errors

If you want to train safely and effectively for your body, pay attention to the following mistakes and avoid them the next time you jump rope:

  • Mobilize the complete arms : if to move the rope you mobilize the complete arms imitating the trajectory of a semicircle with the same ones that starts behind your back and culminates in front of your chest, these committing a serious error, because not only waste energy, but a Sudden gesture of this type can damage the articulation of your shoulder. Therefore, remember that the arms should be as still as possible, and on the sides of the body .
  • Hold the ends of the rope very tight : all the jump ropes have their handlebars or handles which you must take completely, surrounding them with your fingers and wrapping them completely with your hands. If you hold them too far from the ends the wrist will move more to turn the rope and you can damage them.
  • Lower the head and tilt the torso : if you make the first mistake or start the rope movement with your hands near the shoulders, you are likely to lower your head and tilt your torso so that the rope passes over your body. If you make this mistake you are adopting a very bad posture to jump, uncomfortable and that will surely culminate in a failed jump. The key is to keep your back straight and look straight ahead and start moving with your hands at hip height.
  • Jump very high : if you elevate your feet too much with each jump you will be wasting energy and increasing the impact on the joints when falling. To avoid this, it is important to make a gentle jump, just take off the feet of the floor so that the rope goes under and always keep the knees slightly bent to cushion the fall.
  • Use a very long or very short rope : both will give rise to a failed and inefficient movement, because with the first you will have to use more strength and maybe you alter your position to control it, while with the second one you will surely take off the arms of the body and you will move them so that it reaches over your head. The appropriate length is one that allows the ends of the rope to reach the height of the armpits, no more or less, when you step on it and lift it up the sides of the body.

If you want a good job and excellent results skipping rope, remember and avoid these frequent mistakes.

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