Compiling ten of my protein fitness desserts

When we follow a diet that controls and fits a specific goal, generally thinking about a rich dessert and within our “possibilities” seems almost surreal. Sweet, rich and within my limits? Impossible…

But the truth is that if we can combine the right ingredients and replace them with the ones that suit us, not only can we achieve this, but we can even get a rich dessert that can help us reach our daily protein needs. Still have doubts? So take a look at this compilation of ten of my protein fitness desserts.

Protein-rich fitness desserts

  • Chocolate bars and almonds : if you want to control exactly the nutritional value of your bars (something that is quite complicated if we buy them), the best idea is for you to be the ones who cook them. This recipe of chocolate bars and almonds is an excellent version of homemade low carb bars and with a contribution of 12g of protein per unit. Do not hesitate to try them!
  • Chocolate and apple muffins : a version of traditional muffins but, this time, fitness and chocolate flavored. Prepare perfect muffins to decorate with your favorite toppins. Each muffin contains 11g of protein and a total of 100kcal.
  • Egg and vanilla flan : help with your whey protein to prepare a homemade flan with a total intake of 117g of protein or choose the version of flan made with fresh cheese beaten 0%, and without suples, to add 70% of protein simpler way while you enjoy a flan that fits your needs (18g of protein per serving).
  • Apple cake : Enjoy a portion of your favorite cake with only 100kcal and a supply of 7g of protein. If you do not like the apple, complete this simple protein dessert with the fruit that you like.
  • Chocolate Cookies : Who Can Resist It? and if they also carry the ingredients you need better than better. Each of these chocolate cookies provide about 5g of protein and only 35kcal. If you liked do not hesitate to make cookies with all kinds of ingredients, try this new version of perfect oatmeal cookies for your breakfast.
  • Ice cream chocolate fitness : if you’re passionate about taking care of yourself, but also about ice cream (as is my case), from now on this will be your choice of ice plus fitness. Prepare your protein ice cream with the flavor you like, like this strawberry and you can even choose low calorie recipes like this low calorie ice cream of only 30kcal.
  • Chocolate Custard : With three simple ingredients you can get a chocolate custard with more than 28g of protein. Not bad at all, is it? If you are not very chocolatier do not worry, you can also make your traditional vanilla custard with the same nutritional contribution.
  • Cheesecake : if you like baking and, specifically, cheesecake this can be one of your star recipes. A dessert a bit more elaborate than the previous ones but that, I assure you, is worth it. A portion of our cheesecake fitness cheese provides 13g of protein, just 4g of fat and about 300kcal. A plan of cheese cake “without passing the line”.
  • Tiramisu low in calories : in every good dessert recipe must appear a recipe of tiramisu, do not you think? Well, as it could not be otherwise, also have it, and fitness !. Enjoy the authentic Mascarpone flavor with this recipe of tiramisu that has a contribution of 10g of protein, 2g of fat and only 140kcal.
  • Carrot Cake with Nuts and Raisins : Try a version of this traditional cake that will fit much better to your needs, as replacing some of its classic ingredients, we get a fitness carrot cake, low in fat and in calories .

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