How is it spread AIDS

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, AIDS is the advanced stage of a disease that causes human virus, HIV immunodeficiency virus. This virus destroys the immune system of the person who suffers. It is very important to know how AIDS is spread to prevent this disease.

How is it spread AIDSWays of getting AIDS

HIV can be spread in three different ways, let’s see them:

Blood can occur when a person shares objects or materials that have come in contact with blood of an infected person. These objects are needles, syringes, material for tattoos or piercings that have not been properly sterilized. In the case of blood transfusions there is strict control over donated blood, so the risk of transmission is virtually nonexistent.

Sex vaginal, anal and oral sex without a condom poses serious risks when contracting HIV because semen and vaginal secretions are hotbeds of virus concentration. In addition, the tissues in these areas are very weak and injuries occur easily.

From mother to child: If the mother is HIV – positive can occur HIV transmission during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.

NO ways in which AIDS is spread

Once seen forms of contagion and taking into account the great taboo and fear that surrounds HIV will point out those ways in which AIDS is spread NO.

For example, although we share cookware, dishes, food or even clothes we do not contagiousness us as it is not transmitted through saliva or sweat.

Neither embrace or kiss, or we cough or sneeze over an AIDS patient we will spread.

Nor if we go to sports centers, restaurants, shopping malls and other public places frequented by infected people are going to infect.

We can maintain a very close relationship with a deep intimacy with someone without being caught us at risk. Of course, if we carry out a series of precautions, such as not sharing razors or not to have sex without a condom.

I hope that knowing how AIDS is spread put all the means at your disposal to protect you.

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