How to Choose a Good Ballast Vest: What’s To Be Considered?

A few days ago, the jmbrum asked us in the section of answers what should be taken into account when choosing a good ballasted vest that allows us to be a little more demanding in the exercises with our own body weight. We think it’s a very interesting question for all those who train calisthenics or who combine it with your training in the hall, so we give you all the keys in this post.

A ballasted vest is nothing more than a “normal” vest (such as dressing, go) to which you can incorporate weights at different points to artificially increase our body weight and gain intensity in training.

The first thing that we have to decide is if we want a vest that comes already weighted with a specific weight of factory or if we prefer another one to which we can add ourselves the weight that we want.

Obviously, the vest that we can configure ourselves has more advantages, since we can choose to place the weight where we prefer and the amount we want for each exercise.

It is also important that we look at the design and the ability to adjust to our body. The vest must have an ergonomic design that allows a great freedom of movement, especially in the shoulder area. Depending on the model, they can come in different sizes or in a unique size and adjustable by means of nylon straps and elastics. A good idea is to try it out in the store whenever possible before buying it.

We should also look at how much weight the vest supports, both by its capacity and by the material in which it is made. Usually these vests have bags filled with sand that give us that extra weight: this is the most comfortable alternative when it comes to training. Others may have plaques on the inside, but they will be more uncomfortable.

As for materials, these must be resilient but at the same time comfortable. They are usually made of nylon and have an inner lining so that the contact with the skin is not unpleasant.

Some examples of weighted vests

  • Adidas weightlifting vest: 10 kg weight with a uniform distribution we can vary ourselves. Ergonomic design and grip with straps and velcro.
  • Ballast Vest KO Arena: 10 kg weight that do not allow modifications. The sides are open, so that the arms are free, and the adjustment is made with a velcro strap at waist height.
  • Klarfit ballast vest: 10 kg distributed in 20 bags of 500 grams of sand each, which can be arranged according to our choice. Unique size and fit with straps and velcro. Made of nylon, resistant to abrasion.
  • Domyos vest: 10 kg distributed in 20 bags of 500 grams distributed in chest, abdomen and back, that we can modify. It fits with two straps with buckles at the height of the chest and the waist.

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