If you want a perfect smile restricts the consumption of these foods

The food we follow not only translates into our health and body appearance, but what we eat is also reflected in our dental health. If you want a perfect smile restricts the consumption of these foods …

Candies and Gummies : Sugar is the great enemy of our oral health and more specifically if we talk about this type of trinkets, triggers in the appearance of cavities. It is essential that after being consumed, the teeth are cleaned and flossed, as the more sticky gums impregnate the teeth and leave traces of sugar.

Citrus and Pickles : Both acidic and vinegar-impregnated foods can cause damage to and damage the enamel of our teeth.

Ice : beware of biting ice creams or chewing a cube. Although it is simply water, extremely hard and cold substances can damage our enamel.

Coffee and tea : Tannins containing both substances are directly responsible for a multitude of stains on our teeth. It is important to brush your teeth after taking these drinks.

Refreshments : the acids and sugar from carbonated beverages attack the enamel and promote the appearance of cavities. If you abuse these types of drinks try to reduce their consumption and, in addition to brushing when you finish, try to drink some water while you drink.

Tobacco and alcohol : dehydration and dryness of the mouth, cavities, oral infections, predisposition to cancers of the mouth, irreversible stains on the teeth …

Two substances that you must remove from your life to look healthy and smile!

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