Seven original ideas for adding vegetables to the diet

If we think of vegetables we usually imagine a plate filled with steamed vegetables or a fresh salad. And although many of these options are truly appetizing, there are many who detest these alternatives and therefore, do not cover the recommended daily quota of these foods. For them, we left seven original ideas to add vegetables to the diet.

Burgers full of flavor

To give more flavor to the classic burgers that we make at home, we can add well chopped vegetables, mashed or grated inside, which will ensure an assured consumption by the most carnivorous and lovers of fast foods.

Although the burgers that we accompany with bread include some vegetables inside, here we propose to incorporate them into the hamburgers themselves. For example, I always mix grated carrots and finely chopped onions with veal or chicken for my burgers, but we can also add grated zucchini, peppers in small pieces, chopped tomato pulp or others.

We can also make vegetarian burgers and add to them various vegetables as well as vegetables or various cereals. For example, pumpkin and oatmeal burgers, chickpeas and broccoli , rice and chard , cauliflower and oat curry , zucchini and chickpeas and many more.

Vegetarian nuggets

The commercial chicken nuggets have little chicken meat inside , and the sticks or fish shapes that we usually buy are not very healthy alternatives but the little ones in the house and those who do not like the vegetables love them.

Therefore, we can create vegetarian nuggets by placing a variety of vegetables mixed with eggs and cereals inside them, or else processing chicken breast with different vegetables.

Thus, we can give funny shapes to some broccoli meatballs, or to gourd pumpkin , avocado , zucchini, eggplant or other vegetables. We can also give nuggets to the so-called croquettes for all of us and so, bake nuggets of wild asparagus and ham , spinach or other vegetable mixture.

Pizzas with more colors

The pizzas are another preferred preparations for adults and children but unfortunately they are heaping fat and refined flour inside.

If we want a better option that also helps us consume more vegetables , we can create masses based on potato or cauliflower , as well as adding various vegetables to sauces and covers .

For example, we can make green pizza , with eggplant , with arugula or with peppers . Of course, we can add as many vegetables as our imagination allows, including pumpkin, spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, artichokes and more.

Sauces and dressings with vegetables

For our pastas as well as to dress a salad or spread a toast , we can create homemade options based on various vegetables and thus, easily incorporate these foods into the diet while reducing the intake of sauces and commercial dressings filled with fat, sodium and sugar.

One option is to create tzatziki or Greek yogurt and cucumber sauce that I love with fish or chicken sandwiches but actually it goes very well with any option, or else, create a replacement for carrot-based mayonnaise .

To accompany our pasta we can create a creamy sauce with hidden cauliflower , a pesto of spinach and hazelnuts or a false broccoli pesto that I assure you will repeat at home, as well as a sauce of various vegetables .

Fake vegetable spaghetti

The Zoodles or fake spaghetti vegetables are a trend today that those who do not consume vegetables never dare to try. However, served with appetizing sauces represent a very tasty option that has nothing to envy to traditional pasta.

In addition, we can combine them with true spaghetti so that their flavor does not suffer so much and so, consume vegetables in a very original and tasty way.

Among the different options we can make zucchini zoodles , pumpkin spaghetti , false carrot noodles or many other vegetables such as beets, potatoes, peppers or others.

Smoothies not only fruit

Although the traditional thing is to incorporate fruits in smoothies or smoothies that we can make for a breakfast or a hot afternoon, it is also possible to add vegetables to these preparations and we will get a nice color and flavor as well as more and better nutrients.

For example, we can create a green milkshake for breakfast , with arugula inside , with spinach , carrots or other vegetables.

We can also create juices with vegetables including in the same cucumber, tomato, carrot and many more vegetables.

Sweets with vegetables inside

If we think of sweet dishes many times we imagine fruits inside, however, there are many vegetables that can offer color, flavor, aroma and even bring a great humidity to our biscuits, brownies, chocolates or other sweets.

In a matter of minutes we can make some chocolates with carrots that everyone will want. Although we can also make brownie with beet , with sweet potato or zucchiniinside.

And among my favorite options are a cake of oats and carrots , some bagels and a zucchini and orange cake very aromatic and attractive to the eye.

We already see that beyond the steamed vegetables or the salads of a lifetime, there are many other ways to include vegetables to the daily diet and enjoy their benefits .

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