The eleven worst things you can do to lose weight facing the summer

It is inevitable that when good weather arrives, many people think about getting fit and losing weight: the famous bikini operation. We already know that a couple of months are not enough to prepare the body for the summer, especially to avoid making real mistakes with our body.

Today we are going to give a review of the main things that do not have to do to lose weight facing the summer. They are things that fall within the logic but many people still think they are effective to lose weight. And some things may be effective in the short term, but not healthy. Let’s see what we have to avoid doing to lose weight.

The worst things you can do to lose weight

  • Do miracle diets : within our section of miracle diets you have more than fifty analyzes that dismantle different miracle diets. This type of diets always promise to lose weight in a short time at the expense of a deficit of nutrients or calories. Most of these types of diets are based mainly on one food, neglecting others important for the diet. In food, the most important thing is to change habits, so that we can follow them in the long term.
  • Eat only salads : this dish seems to be bound in a diet to lose weight. Eating a salad is fine, but basing a diet on this plate is a mistake, because there may be a deficit of some nutrients (proteins) and even calories.
  • Sweating to lose weight : is another of the great myths that, little by little, people are banishing. Go running with long sleeves to sweat and lose weight more does not make sense because, above all, what is lost is water, which we will later recover when we hydrate. In addition, sweating a lot causes loss of sports performance and alterations at the muscular level. The less liquid we lose when doing sports, the better for our health.
  • Eat the minimum : it is true that an excess of calories in our diet is one of the factors that causes us to take kilos in the long run, but eating too little for a few days or weeks is not the solution to losing weight. The body enters a kind of metabolic lethargy that can then result in a rebound effect. We return to the same thing: short-term results but not long-term cash for the peso and for our health.
  • Marathon aerobic sessions : exercise is ideal for weight loss, but be careful with the type of exercise we choose. Doing extensive aerobic exercise may not be as effective as alternating with HIIT sessions or weight training. Not to spend two hours pedaling at a gentle pace, we will lose much more weight than doing other exercises. Quantity is not always synonymous
  • Take diuretics : as much as they sell us the issue of fluid retention, taking diuretics is not the solution to lose weight. The problem of excess weight is accumulated fat, not water. Only diuretics should be taken if the doctor does not see fit, in any other case, we will be throwing the money.
  • Going from not running to running an hour every day : this especially for health reasons. If our body is not used to the exercise of the race, we can not go from running to an hour a day. It is most likely that some typical injury of the runner appears . If you want to start running to lose weight, do a well planned progressive training .
  • Sleeping little : rest plays an important role when it comes to losing weight. Sleeping little makes us eat more , so a good rest is a weapon in favor of weight loss.
  • Use diet pills : no matter how much we want to sell the motorcycle, there is still no pill to lose weight. There may be pills that stimulate, satiate, promote diuresis or make a laxative, but none is going to make us lose weight by magic. Not to mention possible side effects and that before taking a pill, it is best to consult with our doctor.
  • Trust absurd devices that promise to lose weight in a short time : the typical apparatuses of the telemarketing are not miraculous either. Static bicycles, abdominal crunches, electrostimulators or sauna-type girdles are some of the niceties that the industry has wanted to sell us to look good in summer. Everything that promises spectacular results with little effort or in a short time, forget it, it does not exist.
  • Search tips to lose weight fast online : it is one of the worst things we can do, put in the search engine: “lose weight fast”. I save you the search and I put in the image below the results we will get: miracle diets for a tube, without foundation and with danger to our health.
  • And the most important: do not ask for advice or not go to a professional in the field . If one day we break a bone we know that we must go to the orthopedic surgeon. However, if we have a problem with our weight, diet or eating habits, there is not much habit of going to a nutritionist or expert in the field. As being overweight does not hurt immediately, it is as if we did not need a health professional.

Remember that the bikini operation begins the previous summer with changing habits in physical activity and food. There are no miracles and there should be no rush to lose weight , because otherwise we can do things that negatively affect our health and no matter how much weight we lose, it will be short term and we will recover it soon.

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