The importance of rest in muscle injuries

The muscle injuries occur frequently in sport. They may be of diverse consideration, and need conservative or more invasive treatment, depending on the case.

Therefore, it is essential to go to the doctor for the correct diagnosis and the physiotherapist for the appropriate treatment and recovery of the injury, where we emphasize as an important guideline the need to respect the indicated rest, for justified reasons:

The importance of rest in muscle injuriesMuscle Injuries and Rest: Why It’s Necessary

In the recovery of injuries we make many appeals to the activity of the patient. The subject, the athlete, must be involved in the recovery of the injury, and actively collaborate to get it. However, a muscle injury, has several manifestations: contusion, stretching, rupture of fibers with different consideration …

But in all of them, the muscle, being an active agent, must be kept as still as possible because, in this case, the movement can damage, increasing the injury, preventing it to heal properly or delaying recovery.

Treatment Tips on Muscle Injuries

The rest is an important, especially in the early stages of injury, also may be useful where the application of local cold (pattern cryotherapy). Therefore we must respect the indications of our doctor , to guarantee the cicatrización and correct recovery of the fabric.

However, depending on the type of injury, and its severity, the treatment may be conservative, or require surgical operation. Depending on the diagnosis, the extent of the lesion and the treatment to be followed will be estimated.

In both cases (conservative and surgical) physiotherapy plays an important role. Although in very minor injuries recovery can reach by itself, to ensure a good recovery and return to the effort in important injuries, physiotherapy helps to improve the symptoms and to prepare the structures to make efforts and return to physical activity.

Therefore, if you suffer a muscle injury and indicate rest, try to respect it the necessary time (usually the first few days, but it will be more time depending on the severity of the injury). You can do other exercises that do not involve the injured muscle or muscles, for example, by training the opposite extremity or other areas of the body. Check with health professionals who treat you for how long and how you should rest, and what activities you can do, and what type of exercises and recovery you should do

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