The nine best apps for exercising without leaving home

Lack of time or the laziness of having to travel to the gym for physical activity are two very common excuses among those who do not perform enough exercise at the end of the day . However, practically 100% of these people have state-of-the-art mobile phones. Could technology help us in these cases?

Thanks precisely to these devices of last generation , we have at our disposal countless applications that offer exercise routines to be able to get fit and perform physical activity without moving from the living room of our house .

7-minute training ( Android – iOs )

This fitness app is ideal for those who have little time for their work schedules but still want to exercise and have the healthiest habits possible. The structuring of the routines is done with periods of 30 seconds in which an exercise is performed followed by rest periods of 10 seconds.

The blocks of exercises of this app are divided into the categories of “Original”, ” Abdominals ” and “Buttocks”, although the categories of abdominals and buttocks must be unlocked either by visiting a video or by doing the “Original” category training. for five consecutive days.

30 Day Sports Challenge – Home Training ( Android – iOs )

Structured into three categories of exercises ( whole body, abdominals and glutes ) has three levels of difficulty in each of these categories ( beginner, intermediate and advanced ) and works as the name suggests as challenges that we should try to perform for 30 days Consecutive In addition, the app has videos to not lose detail on how to perform the exercises.

In addition, the app will keep our progress automatically and we can share the same with our friends through the option “share” on social networks.

Sworkit Trainer ( Android – iOs )

One of the features that we call attention to this application is that it has low impact exercises so that older people can use it equally in their homes. However, perhaps the main drawback is that a quarterly subscription ($ 29.99) or annual subscription ($ 79.99) is necessary to have access to all of its functions.

Likewise, the functions of this app allow us to select the time we have to train , from five to 60 minutes and the categories we have are: strength, aerobics, stretching and yoga .

One of the best features of this app is the division by categories of the exercises to perform: we can perform from strength exercises for upper train, lower train, abdominal, etc … to stretching exercises and yoga for lovers of this discipline. And of course, all are exercises in which we will not need any additional material. Only our own weight.

Freeletics Bodyweight ( Android – iOs )

This fitness app has various training plans of varying difficulty with which we can work our entire body at home without the need for material or travel to the gym. In addition, you can compare the improvement of your brands as you improve your physical condition and you can compare yourself with other users.

It also gives us the option to keep our progress in Apple Health (in the case that I have an iOs device): date, duration of training, calories burned … No data will be lost.

The negative note comes when you have access to all your functions, since this requires subscriptions of three, six or twelve months .

Pocket Yoga ( iOs – Android )

Application for yoga lovers that allows to select from isolated exercises to complete yoga classes and that has explanatory videos of all movements. In the same way, each movement is detailed and explained step by step so that they can be made from the most novice and beginner to the most expert.

Through these “classes” of yoga we will not only relax through meditation , but we will be able to correct and improve our daily body posture ( a poor daily posture is the cause of numerous neck and back problems. . )

Cody – Fitness video training ( Android – iOs )

Cody – Fitness video training is defined more than as an app as a small community of users in which we can select and choose training plans based on our physical level and our objectives . The application has explanatory videos for the realization of the exercises.

Within the option to save our progress, this app allows us to add notes and photos to our training and follow it as stories (something similar to Instagram stories , only that these are not deleted after 24 hours).

Start workouts ( Android )

The training routines of this application are organized in high intensity workouts (HIIT) , Tábata routines and even challenges that we can try to overcome. In addition, it has a large number of exercises to do without material or with accessories that can be found in the living room of our house, such as a chair or sofa.

Another option that gives us this app is to be able to compare our brands for times in the routines with those of other users and in this way to see our evolution throughout the trainings (a good way to stay motivated and to notice short-term objectives).

Home Exercises ( Android )

One of the tips to take into account this app is that it will allow us to create alarms to schedule our training and not skip any . As each application dedicated to exercises at home, Home Exercises has an explanation of each exercise as well as an image so we can see how the positions of the exercises are adopted.

A feature that has caught our attention and in many other apps is not present, is that apart from having the routine to perform also has a warm up and return to calm after the routine (remember that a large number of people they do not warm up in advance nor stretch at the end of the sessions).

Fitbit ( iOs – Android )

Fitbit is one of Apple’s flagship applications in terms of fitness, physical activity and health . One of the peculiarities that it presents is the possibility of linking it with our Apple Watch so that we do not have to be continually with the phone in our hands with the consequent danger that we may fall during the exercise. In addition, Fitbit wristbands have become extremely popular , allowing us to monitor our physical activity.

This application will also allow us to control a series of daily challenges or objectives such as the number of steps we take at the end of the day, we can record everything we eat to control and improve our diet and we can even compete with our friends.

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