Training with TRX, why does it work so well?

The suspension training bodyweight own aims to develop the strength, the balance, the flexibilityand stability of the core (core) at the same time.

This training requires the use of the TRX, a highly portable tool that takes advantage of the gravity and body weight of the subject to complete hundreds of exercises, having gained this type of training a lot of popularity in recent years and working very well.

Variety and portability

They are two of the great advantages of the TRX. As for the variety, the TRX allows the realization of hundreds of exercises of all muscle groups, which can be worked at great intensity, simply by changing the length of the strings and changing our position.

In turn, its portability allows it to be used practically anywhere (gym, home, beach, park, etc.), provided there is a strong anchor point that is above the head and that supports its weight. Stands for squats, the bars dominated, tree branches, beams and posts are examples of places where we could install it and start training.

Improves muscle strength and cardiometabolic risk factors, in addition to burning calories

The studies have evaluated the acute and chronic benefits of suspension training with TRX health in healthy adults (men and women between 21 and 71 years old).

It has been reported that eight weeks of such training, specifically three classes of 60 minutes at 60% of the maximum heart rate and with an average energy expenditure of about 400 kilocalories, significantly improve different cardiometabolic risk factors and muscle fitness parameters : circumference of the waist, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, body fat, maximum repetition for leg press and bench press, sit – upsand push-ups.

The training activity with TRX is a feasible alternative to traditional exercise modalities for adults, which causes metabolic responses within the accepted range of moderate intensity. In addition, regular participation in TRX training improves muscle fitness and positively modifies several cardiovascular disease risk factors.

It has been shown that a suspension training program with TRX can be a useful tool to improve physical condition and to lose weight, which is related to the improvement of health and the reduction of mortality from all causes.

Therefore, suspension training with TRX is a simple and effective way for individuals to improve muscle strength, stimulate cardiovascular adaptations and burn calories.

A great option for abdominal work and all the core

The quantification of muscle contraction intensity is a key factor in establishing the training effects induced by exercises in suspension with TRX.

The training of the core , among which the abdominal musculature is included , requires a high intensity training and an overload of the global muscular system, suggesting that this should include an activation superior to 60% of the maximum voluntary contraction to obtain benefits of force.

Well, it has been shown that different exercises in the TRX reach these levels of activation and even exceed them, such as the case of roll-out, body saw and hip abduction in plank (hip abduction in plate position) , which we saw in a previous article and that have a great activation of the rectus abdominis, the external and internal obliques and the transverse of the abdomen, in addition to other exercises.

In turn, the TRX can be a great tool for abdominal and core work in many sports . To give an example, recently a study has evaluated the effects of training with suspension with TRX (two weekly sessions for six months) in the strength and stability of the core in young girls of synchronized swimming .

The development of muscle strength and total body stability is essential for the efficient execution of technical movements in synchronized swimming. However, many swimmers find it difficult to control the stability of the body while executing particular figures in water.

The results of the study showed an improvement of the strength of the core in swimmers, providing evidence of the benefit of integrating suspension training with TRX for muscle strengthening in young athletes who practice synchronized swimming and, in general, the importance of strengthen the central area to ensure stability and specific adaptations, improve movement and avoid injuries.

Therefore, there is increasing evidence that exercises for abdominal work and suspended core with TRX involve very high levels of activation of these muscles, even relatively greater than exercises performed on stable support surfaces or on fitball ( Swiss ball).

Viable and effective also in the elderly

The suspension training with TRX has also been developed and evaluated in elderly (60-73 years), evaluating its effectiveness and viability through interventions 12 weeks (3 sessions 30 minutes per week) with training full body (of whole body) that consisted of seven exercises, including progressively advanced stages of difficulty for each exercise, increasing it through changes in position.

After the study period , 91% of the participants were motivated to continue with the program (adherence) and all the participants observed positive effects, especially in strength gains (they were the largest).

This shows that the TRX can be a viable and effective training in elderly people, being able to be adapted individually for each older adult appropriate to their precondition, demands and preference.

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