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How often do you think about the carpet in your home? Probably not very often. If you are anything like most people it will only be when you need to find a Carpet Cleaner Hereford way to come and remove a red wine or other stubborn stain from your carpet. Carpet cleaners Hereford Octokleen can help with any of your carpet cleaning needs from stain removal through to cleaning before moving home or just a nice spruce and hygienic clean.

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The word carpet comes from the word “carpere” in Latin, which means “to pluck”. This is due to the fact that the earliest forms of carpet were made from plucked fabrics.  Nowadays carpets are made from wool and a number of other synthetic materials. The process of carpet making has been around for millenia and these started off as what we now call rugs, until machine production was created and then entire carpets could be made to fit rooms.

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Carpets can become laden with dirt, dust and other items that fall into the fibres. This is why you should regularly vacuum your carpet and have it professionally cleaned by companies like the one mentioned above at least once every 12 to 18 months. This will help to ensure your carpet is hygienic and clean as well as helping to increase the overall lifespan of the carpet. This becomes even more important if you have young children and pets.

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