Choosing flooring for kitchen/family rooms: top tips

The kitchen is usually the busiest room in the house; therefore it is important to consider which flooring is best suited to your needs, both for practicality and appeal. We have put together six tips to help with your decision.

Choosing flooring for kitchen

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1. Hard-wearing or great looking?

With recent enhancements in digital technology, flooring no longer needs to be one or the other. Many people prefer their flooring to be authentic and opt for natural flooring such as wood or stone; however, ‘mimica’ porcelains are currently a popular choice, mimicking wood, stone and concrete. They are affordable, look great and are resilient.

2. Keeping your feet warm

If you have thought about underfloor heating, it is always best to check that the flooring you want is compatible. Porcelain and stone are usually fine; however, most wood prefers stable conditions. Ask your supplier before you buy.

3. Looks are important

You have decided that durability is high up on your agenda; however, you have to look at the floor every day and the appearance is vital. What will match your vintage dining table? Can it be combined with modern, simplistic flooring? An article in Real Homes magazine offers useful advice on flooring options.

4. I know which material I want, but what about a pattern?

Patterned tiles are great for creating feature floors or ‘zones’ for areas such as dining tables. For a vintage effect, natural and worn-in colours work very well. There is also a wide range of parquet flooring in Ireland for a more traditional, elegant floor.

5. Clean and simple tiles

As already mentioned, the kitchen is often the most frequently-used room in the home; therefore, tiles fit the bill for durability and are also great for hygiene purposes. They are easy to clean, with grouts with antibacterial additives now available. Make sure you purchase flooring tiles and not those designed for walls, which will ensure they last longer and don’t crack. You will find a great selection at architectural salvagers such as Wilsons Yard.

6. Gather your options

Once you have researched and reflected on which style and practicality works best for you, it is important to request samples. Make sure the colour is perfect and the texture looks great up close, as you need to be certain you have made the right decision.

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