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Perhaps you’ve heard once how decorate and give out the items within a room can affect the energy of it. Also, know how to exploit the possibilities offered by each of the rooms of the house is as important as reducing its flaws. In this case, I am going to talk about how to enhance the feeling of relaxation in the bedroom in 6 easy steps to make our rest as pleasant as possible.

Anti-stress distribution

The theory of Feng Shui consists of various instructions on how to locate elements of a room respect for doors and windows, corners, etc. You can consult on many pages or manuals how these techniques work, but I recommend that, above all, may have the organized, collected and clean space. Clutter and dirt generated, even unconscious way for us, stress that can come to disrupt the quality of our rest. It is essential to respect the traffic areas and keep clear the closest perimeter to bed. And eye or permanently leave chargers plugged electrical devices is fatal to the energy of the room (and for electrical waste!).

Decor rest betterRegular sensations

I recommend a balanced lighting that does not sin or excess or default. Consider lamps with dimmer to vary between intense light if you want to perform an activity that requires greater concentration, such as reading or writing in bed, and dimmer to simply relax before catching sleep. Choose a color bulbs store more yellow than white, and then produce a more intimate atmosphere. Day go up the blinds and open your curtains and windows to aerate the environment, use of natural light, and heat the house facing the night, especially in the cold months. A constant and pleasant temperature is important for good rest. In a very cold bedroom it is difficult to rest, but extreme heat can be just as annoying. To balance the temperature is so important ventilation possessing stay as our bedding adapt to the season.

Reflexes under control

Set aside a space as a toilet. If you do not have enough space, collocate one mirror standing in a corner or acquire a wardrobe closet with mirrored doors. It is important not to place the mirrors, of whatever kind, just opposite the foot of the bed. Reflexes not leave you rest easy if you have within your viewing angle laying once, even with the lights off.

Aromatherapy Sleep

It is advisable to give some substance to the bedroom in general as well as within the furniture, especially if they keep clothes. Collocate fresheners in closets and drawers and choose a small bouquet of fresh flowers with a pleasant smell to give not only aroma, but a touch of color and intimacy.

How coloring matter

The harmony has to be reflected from the walls and ceiling until the last snap. Choose neutral colors to enhance the serenity and if a game become a full bed or a set of furniture of dark or strong colors, contrariness painting with raw colors. The style Scandinavian can inspire a lot when dressing a bedroom palette white, beige and gray, just as rustic furniture to choose to give the family touch. The -Mix eclectic tendencies furniture of different styles, colors and ages – can be a very personal choice and make you feel at ease if you prefer a space kitsch, but I recommend that in this particular room the bear to as controlled as possible, because a bedroom must be a space of total disconnection.

Textiles relaxing

The choice of bedding determines the temperature under which you rest but of course also affects the general atmosphere, both for its color and for its materials. The cotton fabrics are ideal because they have a very nice touch; quality makes them durable, and also absorbs moisture. It is important to have good curtains, double if the bedroom is cold or a noisy area. Finally, I could not miss my favorite fabric: the carpet. A rug or mat at the foot or both sides of the bed adds warmth as it makes the ultimate feeling before bedtime and first up are nothing more fluffy and nice, and also dampens sounds and regulates the temperature. In this case if you can choose a dark color, gray or earth.

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