How to spring clean your home

March is almost upon us and it marks the start of the Meteorological spring. This winter has been a mixed bag, there have actually been some very cold days and even a far bit of snow for the UK, although this is looking less and less likely to happen in the future. WIth the snowdrops and aconites fully out and developed plus the tell tale sign of Daffodils as well, it’s apparent that spring has decided to make its yearly appearance. Therefore it’s time to think about giving everything a good clean after its winter rest.

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The first thing that someone like the Curtain Makers Fulham based suppliers the will tell you is to get your curtains down and give them a good clean. These, and other soft furnishings are some of the worst things to pick up dirt and dust and look shabby. Most modern curtains are robust enough to take  turns in the washing machine, even if it has to be at a low temperature.

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Next thing should be the floors. If you have a carpet this will have certainly taken a pounding during December, January and February. Pets, your own shoes and fit, plus the extra people you have round at Christmas will all have taken their toll on it. A professional cleaner or a decent machine will definitely be needed. If you want any of these things to last for any great time then you need to invest in cleaning them properly.

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