Improving energy efficiency at home

Once you have had a Boiler Installation Gloucester company like in to set up your new boiler you may be thinking about ways in which you can help your home to become more energ efficient and in the long term save yourself some money on your energy bills. Having your boiler upgraded to a newer more efficient system is a great way to start and here are a few other ideas that you may want to look into.

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Draughts- these are one of the biggest causes of lost heat in a building and they can be fairly easy to fix. The most common areas for this is occur are around door and window frames. If you find gaps or cracks in the frames you can easily fix this by using sealant to remove them. If the draught is located around or through your letterbox it is worth looking for the brushes that can be installed inside your letterbox that dramatically reduce the amount of air that can flow through them.

Insulation – modern properties tend to be better insulated than those older properties due to the change in the way in which buildings are built and the requirements that are now on building companies to ensure that the homes they build are as energy efficient as possible. Most of the heat in a house will be lost through the roof space, this is due to the fact that, as many people know, heat rises. Loft insulation is the best place to start when it comes to looking at the heat retention levels in your home and these can easily be installed either by yourself or you can find a professional company that can come in and do this for you. Cavity wall insulation is harder for you to complete by yourself as this requires filling the space between your walls, but there are many reasonably priced companies that can quickly and easily complete this for you.

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A few simple ideas to help keep your house warm include:

  • Closing the door to rooms that are not being used to help keep the heat in
  • Use draught excluders underneath large doors such as patio doors and windows
  • Ensure that you don’t have furniture located in the front of radiators and therefore block the heat from flowing into the room
  • Use lined curtains at your windows to help retain the heat in the room rather than being lost through the glass.

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