Maximise the space in your Kitchen

When they are not organised properly, cabinets and cupboards can become a mess. No matter how many cabinets are installed, without an organised system, you will not know where your things are. Make the most out of your kitchen’s potential, since this is a room that is reliant on storage. Here are some ways you can give your cabinets the much-needed facelift they need:

  • Reorganise your shelves

When was the last time that you reorganised your cabinet shelves? You don’t have to keep your shelves the same way just because they are used to being that way. There could be a lot of space wasted between the items and the shelf above, particularly the tops. Consider moving the top shelf downwards if this is the situation. For new cabinetry, consider a Kitchen Refurb from

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  • Use shelf risers

Shelf risers are a great option if you need more space but do not want to add extra shelves. They are an ideal way to double the space available on a shelf.

  • File holders: Get creative

File holders are useful for organising cabinets. They can be used to stack plates, cutting boards and pans horizontally or vertically.

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  • Magazine Holders

Other household items are just as useful as file holders. The magazine holder can be used to hold bottles of all sizes, including wooden ones.

  • Door hooks

To create extra space, hooks can be fitted on the back of cabinet doors. Hooks on the back of cabinet doors can be used to hang measuring cups, spoons and other cooking utensils. This will save space elsewhere.

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