Simple methods to clean your flooring

It doesn’t matter what kind of floor you’ve got; cleaning it is a chore. This is even more true if it’s a workplace floor you clean weekly. A simple solution could be to contact a cleaning company to come in and do it for you. But if you are at home, you could follow these easy methods. You’ll use minimal effort for maximum results.

Hardwood Flooring

Most hardwood floors and stripped floorboards are sealed. The sealant is often a polyurethane varnish, an oil-based product, or a wax. Don’t slop water onto the floor; use a barely damp mop. A mop with a micro-fibre head does a great job of drying the floor off. Waxed wooden floors shouldn’t be washed – sweep them and spot-clean them with a dry micro-fibre cloth if needed.

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Good Housekeeping has reviews of some of the most popular specialist wood cleaners. In general, you need to look for one that is pH neutral, water-based, and non-toxic. A good cleaner will be suitable for all hardwood floors except waxed ones. For more information on Hard Floor Cleaning Cheltenham, visit


Cork makes lovely warm floors and is very smart when fully sealed. But a cork floor that has lost its seal and begun to take up water is a sorry sight. Avoid this by starting with a fully sealed floor and avoiding scratching it – the scratched area can let water in, and the water causes damage once in. So don’t use brooms: instead, vacuum the floor. Cork can be washed, but don’t saturate it.


Yes, some people do have lacquered floors. John Lewis stocks a special cleaner that puts the lustre back into the floor. It has to be used with the particular mop made by the manufacturer that makes the cleaner. Is the under-housemaid free?


Laminate flooring remains the most practical and hard-wearing option for many uses. Laminate is easy to clean if you prevent water from seeping underneath the laminate planking. Vacuum or dry-mop the floor, and then spot-clean it with a lightly damp mop.

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Environmentally friendly homeowners sometimes opt for bamboo flooring because it is sustainable, though it can be expensive. The softer types of bamboo can scratch, so you need to sweep regularly with a soft broom. One unusual tip is to use a tennis ball to rub out marks on the floor.

Whatever your flooring, the proper cleaning technique will help it to look better and last longer.

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