When food inspires your furniture choices

You might not think that food and furniture have any connection other than the risk of spilling your dinner on a dining chair! Of course if you are looking for something for your office reception area such as Reception Chairs you will want to steer yourself away from anything too quirky.  However, the following designers have taken their inspiration from the world of food to offer up some delicious furnishings. Here are a few examples that might just make you hungry:

1 Hot Dog couch and Burger chair from Seletti

You would need to host a barbecue to celebrate this addition to your interior décor. This fun combo made its debut at a lifestyle and design trade fair in Paris, with the Hot Dog & Burger chairs having been designed by Studio Job. Of course, the chairs are garnished with slices of tomato and pickles in the shape of pillows, making this one furniture set to truly relish!

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2 Collection of Sushi from Moroso

Edward Van Vilet is a designer from the Netherlands who has a penchant for Japanese cuisine. He has designed a Sushi collection which includes updates like tables, a new cloth called Ikebana and a Marshmellow bench. Foodies everywhere will adore this gourmet inspired collection.

3 Onza tiles by MUT Design

Chocolate lovers won’t be able to resist the cocoa-inspired hues of the Onza collection. Using a mix of terracotta, white and grey in their recent collection, the concept of the design is pure chocolate heaven. The collection also includes three ceramic candy-shaped pieces that can be positioned in a multitude of ways.

4 Cake Collections by Pine Studio

This design company from Ukraine is currently searching for a manufacturer for their wonderful cake inspired sofas and lounge chairs. The target audience are restaurants, bars and cafes, or anyone in the hospitality sector. The seats are placed on a chrome base of tubular design, with plump sumptuous green velvet and soft, rounded cake-like shapes.

5 Manet Easy Chair by BestBefore2065

For a fun twist on fast food, how about sitting in a French Fries chair? Made in Italy, the chair has an MDF base and is filled with bars of soft yellow material that can be configured to the user’s delight and comfort. Both the upholstery and colours can be available in a wide range of colours and the ‘stems’ of yellow can be configured to allow the sitter to get into almost any position!


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