Why Park Homes are such a Popular Choice for Retirement

In retirement, lots of people make big decisions and changes to their old lives – after all, retirement itself is a big life change, so making changes to the rest of your life are all part and parcel of getting the most out of your retirement.

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One of the biggest changes that people make when they retire is choosing to move to another home. This might be somewhere more local, that will see you through older age, or somewhere further away, to a place where you have always wanted to live, or to be nearer to family that you have previously not been able to live near to because of work commitments – in some cases, you might move away to get away from your family even!

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Whatever the main requirements are from your retirement move, one of the most popular places to live when you retire is a park home. There are many park homes all around the country, like these park homes for sale in Gloucestershire parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park-homes-gloucester-gloucestershire/ and there are many reasons for their popularity.

Because they are on a park, they will usually have a rule such as over 55s only – this means that you will have a like minded community around you, perfect if you want to get to know the area better and make new friends.

Another benefit of park homes is the fact that they are all on one level – like a bungalow, but generally not as expensive! This means that as you get older and less mobile, you will not have to contend with stairs, or having expensive home adaptations done in order to make your home usable – they are already set up for old age.

Park homes look a lot like holiday homes and you can choose between brand new park homes and used ones. Generally, used ones are cheaper but may be less well insulated, or require repairs and maintenance to be done to them, whereas new ones are not going to need any work doing but will be more expensive. The process is much the same as buying a house, so you will need to get a solicitor to help you with the process.

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