How To Help Improve an Elderly Person’s Quality of Life

It can be hard to know how to help an elderly person who is perhaps your loved one or neighbour, but it is even harder living as an elderly person without any support. Basic household tasks and abilities many able people take for granted such as getting in and out of the bath and up the stairs can be daily struggles for the elderly. They may not ask for help but that doesn’t mean that help won’t be accepted and wholly appreciated. Read on to find out the ways you can help improve an elderly person’s quality of life.

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Firstly, you can offer your help, but if they seem embarrassed about being helped, you can just go ahead and help them anyway if it isn’t intrusive. If they really refuse, at least they’ll know the offer is there. You could put their bins out, or water their garden when you visit them. You could bring over a cooked meal or even tell them you are on your way to the shops and can do their shopping for them. They will likely be very grateful and at least you’ll know you are doing what you can to help.

Secondly, you could buy them some Mobility Aids from the Ability Superstore that would help them with things they struggle with like getting up and down the staircase or carrying their food and drink from the kitchen to the table. This will help them live independently and help them feel better about themselves than having to always rely on someone.

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Lastly, improving an elderly person’s quality of life can be as simple as chatting to them regularly whether you talk to them in person or over the phone, or even in a handwritten letter. This will help them stay motivated and not feel forgotten.

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