Is your name Smith?

Smith or Smyth is one of the most common surnames in the country. There is a very good reason for this and it is to do with the slowly evolving need for surnames. At one time the only reason you would need a surname is if you were a well to do knight or senior leader of a community However as the human race expanded it became confusing to have everyone referred to as just their first name. It was even worse when you consider that most names were of the biblical type such as Peter Paul and Mary. The surname usually relates ot what you need as a role or where you were born.

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The word, “Smith”, relates to a trade or skill, The Blacksmith was one of the most important people in the village or town. They could work metal like a set of  Euromac Bending Machines from Cotswold Machinery Sales. There were other Smiths of course but the other surname that is common is that of Wright. Wheelwrights and Shipwrights were highly praised and sought after skilled workers who were trained in their craft. Without them nothing could get done or built correctly.

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It may be that you have an ancient ancestor that worked as a blacksmith or was a possible apprentice to one at some point. However the creation of surnames is not precise and it could simply be that your ancestor was related to one or had a relation that was a smith of some kind.



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