What to Think About When Choosing to Own a Horse

Owning a horse is a dream come true for many people – horses have long been one of mans best friends in the animal kingdom and have helped with a wide variety of tasks throughout the history of humans – from the farm working horses of a century ago to today, when horses help the police to keep citizens safe.

They are such wonderful creatures it is hard not to fall in love with them – they are the inspiration for art such as this bronze wildlife sculpture from https://www.gillparker.com/ as well as being well loved family members for people who own a horse. If you are thinking of embarking on your journey into owning you first horse, here are a few things to consider before you take the plunge…

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Choosing the right horse for you – This comes down to how experienced you are with horses and what you want to do with your horse – do you want to have a quiet walk down country lanes or are you thinking of competing in agility events? Research the breeds of horses and good breeders before you purchase a horse.

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Time is also something that you will need a lot of when you are a horse owner. Horses need a lot of care and attention, so if you are the sort of person who likes to take spontaneous weekend breaks or has a demanding job working all hours, horse ownership is probably not right for you.


As well as time you will also need a fair bit of money. As well as the initial cost of buying the horse there are lots of associated costs – from housing, veterinary care and food, to grooming and bedding- there is a big list of outgoings to consider before committing to owning your own horse.

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