Microsoft stops accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for the instability of the cryptocurrency

Unless you have been living under a cave, you most likely have heard something about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and how the digital currency markets are becoming more and more millionaire and do not stop generating interest.

A single bitcoin came to cost $ 20,000 in mid-December, and a few days later there was a big drop in its value and that of almost all cryptocurrency, and although the price is still extremely high ($ 17,306 at the time of writing this article), the values ​​continue to fluctuate too much, for this reason Microsoft has stopped accepting Bitcoin as a payment method to buy company products .

Several employees of Microsoft have confirmed to Bleeping Computer that this is a temporary situation due to the instability of Bitcoin. What is difficult to predict is when the Bitcoin situation is stable again.

It’s not the first time it happens, but this time it’s not a mistake

Microsoft added support to buy with bitcoins in its stores in 2014, could be used to add money to your Microsoft account and purchase apps, PC or Xbox games, and other products.

It is not the first time that the company stops accepting the cryptocurrency, two years ago they also stopped accepting Bitcoin for a while, and again in 2016 because of an error. This time it is not a mistake or failure, but a decision of the company.

Those of Redmond are not the only company that has stopped accepting bitcoins precisely because of the high rates and the constant fluctuation of value, at the beginning of December 2017 Valve did the same and Stream stopped accepting Bitcoin as payment method .

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