2018 food trend predictions

What we eat continues to change as we discover different and healthier foods. If you are a foodie, a restaurateur, or in the food supply industry, see our predictions for next years trends in healthy, diet, and restaurant eating.

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Healthy foods

The top healthy eating trends will include low-sugar or low-carbohydrate snacks such as sweet potato-based options. More people are learning about the health dangers of sugar and avoiding it as much as possible.

Protein drinks are now making their way into the cupboards of healthy eaters and not just gym goers as they are being used as meal replacements thanks to their high protein and fibre content. Turmeric is considered super healthy and is expected to be included in many recipes.

Raw foods such as sashimi allow all the nutrients in the food to be retained. Correct storage of these foods assists in retaining goodness, and suppliers who need to store large quantities can find what they need at sites like https://washtechservices.co.uk/.

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Weight loss foods

Dried fruits are high in fibre, and dried meats are low in carbohydrates. Fermented foods such as kimchi aid digestion and boost energy. Foods promoting good gut bacteria such as probiotic yoghurt assist in eliminating toxins.

If you are a food supplier or restaurant owner, considering these trends will help you become the healthy, preferred option by your customers. You can easily find catering equipment in Leicester and other cities to assist you in storing the right foods for the year ahead.

Restaurant trends

Dining out is an experience nearly everyone enjoys. If you are a restaurant owner, dishing up trending ingredients to your customers will help your venue become a favoured place to dine in your city. Effectively and safely storing the varying ingredients and foods is key in maintaining freshness and goodness.

Restaurants are focussing on less wastage, which means they’re making a bigger effort to find ways to use every part of the ingredients used. High-protein breakfasts all day and Korean-inspired dishes are increasingly making their way into restaurants.

New ingredients

With excellent health benefits, poke, cassava flour, seaweed, chaga mushrooms, and insects will become popular. As we become more health-conscious and environmentally aware, a wonderful change and evolution in the foods making their way to our plates will be seen.

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