3 Tips for Evolving Beauty

As a woman, it can be really easy to fall into a rut. Whether it’s the route you take when you’re on your way home from work or the recipe you use when you’re making macaroni and cheese, it’s really easy to get stuck in a routine. While there’s nothing wrong with tradition, you don’t want to always look like a walking representation of tradition. Instead, it’s best to focus on making sure that you’re intentionally evolving. Consider the following three tips to make sure that your beauty evolves over time.

1. Make-up
If you’re used to wearing the same shade of lipstick on a consistent basis, switch things up. Try a different shade of lipstick from a different brand. If you’re used to wearing the same safe eyeshadows, find a few YouTube tutorials and learn how to do different eyeshadow techniques. Learn how to do a subtle smokey eye technique that can work for daytime wear. If you’d like hands-on help, consider taking a course that teaches you different makeup techniques. Another idea involves visiting a makeup counter to get hands-on help from a beauty professional.

2. Fashion
There are many women who are used to dressing in a safe and comfortable manner. While this isn’t bad, this doesn’t help you show up in the best way possible. Instead, consider colors that really complement your skin tone. Look at your closet. Start wearing the clothes that really excite you and make you feel gorgeous. Every woman deserves to feel like a top model while she’s moving and shaking in the world. Consider hiring a stylist to help you sort through your closet and revamp your look. A stylist will push you past your comfort zone to help you find the look that reflects the woman you truly want to be.

3. Hair
A new hairdo is an excellent way to transform your look. When women are trying to grow their hair out, some have a tendency to hold on to dead ends. Instead, a great haircut can do wonders for your look. Additionally, a new hair color can have a similar impact. If you’re hesitant about using permanent hair dyes that are rife with chemicals, consider indigo powder for hair.

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