4 Tips for Enticing Millennial Employees

More than any other generation it seems, millennials are ready to jump into entrepreneurship. For business owners, hoping to hire new talent, this poses a challenge. Employers who hope to entice skilled millennials into their employ must understand what motivates this motivational generation.

One: Flexible Schedules

With convenient access to Wi-Fi and pocket-sized computers, many of the younger workforce are available outside of the workplace, breaking away from the confines of a 9-to-5 cubicle. However, millennials also value their free time. One of the best ways modern employers can attract younger talent is to offer flexible scheduling, work-at-home options, and time for personal improvement. Employers may enjoy greater success at keeping workers by being willing to get to know their employees and adjust schedules according to worker preferences.

Two: Control and Fulfillment

Although some amount of freedom and flexibility is desirable, so is a sense of control. Modern workers want to know what their responsibilities area and whether they are doing a good job. Routine performance reviews, a few words of encouragement, or some helpful tips for succeeding can help millennial employees feel valued and appreciated. Modern recruiters and startup consultants, such as Eyal Gutentag, can offer similar tips for creating an atmosphere of personal control and fulfillment.

Three: Authenticity and Transparency

Today’s young generation of workers has no patience with inauthenticity. They expect to be treated with respect and honesty. It’s better for an employer to interact in a genuine manner than to try to be someone they are not. Another keyword for winning over millennials is transparency. Bosses and team leaders should avoid keeping secrets and leaving employees in the dark. For more success, it’s best to share why decisions are made and involve workers in the company’s mission.

Four: Availability and Use of Technology

Recognize the power of technology for collaboration. The younger generation may know how to complete calculations with pencil and paper but would prefer to use a calculator and move on to other tasks. Employers may find they enhance productivity and innovation when they invite employees to give input on modern technology and how it can improve the workplace.

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