5 Applications that Teach Students How to Save

When children go off to college there are many new things that they have to learn as part of the experience.  Sure, as parents we can send them a little help and a little love, like something from CarePackages.com, but they do need to learn how to do many things on their own. Luckily for college students in today’s digital world, there are many apps to assist with organizing life and make learning how to do new things a whole lot easier. Here are five applications that help young adults learn how to save and how to manage their money wisely.

  1. Mint:

Mint is a free application available on all iOS and Android systems. If you start learning how to use it while in college, you will likely just continue to use it as an adult because it has many features that work to help anyone manage their finances. The app charts your spending, bills, and payments. It also allows you to set budgets and savings goals. It is very customizable and helps you see all of your finances at a glance.

Image Source: Google image

Image Source: Google image

  1. Chegg:

Chegg is a great app that is specifically for college students. It helps you find the lowest prices on new and used textbooks in both traditional and digital formats. Buy or rent the books you need and then use the app to sell the books and in turn, make some of the money back.

  1. SmartyPig:

SmartyPig is a great free app that is available for iPhone and Android devices. This clever helps you save and is also a savings account all in one. You can earn 1% interest on your savings and also use the app to save for big purchases by outlining your spending and expenses too. A new feature just added to the app incorporates reward points on purchases made using the application.

  1. WhatsApp:

Even though this app does not specifically help you with budgeting or saving per se, it does definitely save you money, especially on international texting. WhatsApp is an SMS application that is free for the first year and only $.99 each year after that but allows you to text anywhere in the world for free.

  1. BillGuard:

College students are legally allowed to own their own credit cards once they turn 18, so it often means open season on spending and a tough lesson down the road about how fast interest charges can pile up. Bill Guard is an application that helps students manage their bills and make payments while outlining the spending and debt. Many college students that can see the future of credit card bills as outlined in this app will not spend so freely with their new found credit line.  Bill Guard also protects against fraud and unwanted charges on your cards by alerting you to all purchases.


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