5 more ways to boost your home’s kerb appeal

Research has revealed that we decide whether we like a property within the first eight seconds, meaning there is not much time to make a positive impact. Here are five more simple ways in which you can boost your home’s kerb appeal and ensure that everyone is eager to step inside.

5 more ways to boost your home's kerb appeal

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1. A pretty post box

Rather than relying on a letterbox slot, why not install an exterior post box and make a feature of it? Not only will it be able to hold more post, potentially reducing the need for you to pick up parcels at the sorting office, but also it will add interest to your property. As a Mental Scoop article demonstrates, you can get creative and add your personality to the design.

2. Give your planters a little TLC

A well-maintained garden is always impressive and an array of beautiful flowers will brighten up your property, giving it a new lease of life. It can also help to greatly enhance the feeling of your whole neighbourhood, prompting other homeowners to take care of their own outside space.

3. Elevate your entrance

Garden gates and fence panels do not need to be dull – a few simple additions can elevate the entrance to your property. Decorative panels and gates are readily available and can be painted or stained in a huge variety of colours, providing another opportunity for you to put your own stamp on your property.

4. Window features

As the eyes of your property, your windows can be transformed into a beautiful feature with some neatly-planted window boxes. High-quality Dublin windows and doors, such as those from http://keanewindows.ie/, will be further enhanced by extra pops of colour presented in a charming way, enriching the aesthetic of your property. Painted wooden boxes are perfect accompaniments to country cottages, while intricate ironwork makes a wonderful addition to traditional properties.

5. Outside art

Pieces of art add so much personality to the interiors of our homes and we should not ignore the artistic potential of our outside space. Elegant sculptures, delicate wind chimes and water features can all make stunning additions to the exterior of your home. Find something that captures your attention and reflects your style before stepping back to admire how beautiful your home looks.

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