5 More Ways to Upgrade Your Garage Door This Weekend

Your garage is a large part of your home but is often an aspect that goes unnoticed and forgotten. However, with a few simple DIY tips you could transform your garage into a wonderful space for you and your family. And, by doing this, it could also help to improve the appeal of your property for potential buyers.

5 More Ways to Upgrade Your Garage Door This Weekend

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Update Your Garage Entrance

If you’ve got a door that leads into the garage from the kitchen, why not give this a lick of paint to uplift it? Paint it in a complementary colour to the rest of your house’s décor, perhaps painting either side of the door in different colours to stay in keeping with your garage’s interior too.

Install a Mudroom

Nothing’s worse than muddy footprints getting all over your home, so why not install a mudroom in your garage? With all of those dirty boots going straight into the garage, you’ll save yourself hours of cleaning when the kids get back from their latest football match. Don’t forget to add some shelving for added storage space.

Remodel Your Garage

As mentioned previously, your garage is a large part of your home, so if you’re struggling for space in your home, why not use some of your garage to create more living space? The back of your garage could make a wonderful laundry room, closet or utility room, without your losing much storage space within your garage. And don’t forget about your garage door repairs in London either, with companies such as http://garagedoorsrus.co.uk/ being on hand to help.

Pamper Your Pooches

Got dogs? Find it a challenge washing them in your bathroom? Then why not create a pooch parlour at the back of your garage? Installing a washing facility in your garage will remove the need for getting your dog into the bathroom, which will be a welcome relief after a walk where they’ve decided to jump into a dirty puddle!

Create a Family Room

If space is limited in your home, why not transform your garage into a family room by installing home entertainment systems and sofas? This is perfect if you’re not utilising your garage for storing cars, and you could always move tools into an outside shed so you can use the whole of your garage for this much-needed family room.

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