5 Things to do with your stove ashes

Burning firewood could yield 20 to 50 pounds worth of ashes, which is a substantial amount of ash. You may think this is just another thing to add to the trash, but it’s actually a fantastic mineral rich resource which has many functional uses.

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If you are looking to buy wood burning stoves Northern Ireland has a number of stores you can turn to for all your stove needs and accessories. Always store ash in a fireproof metal container outside to ensure no build-up of harmful fumes and to choke out any lingering embers, and several feet from any combustible surface.

You can use stove ashes to:

1. Eliminate pet odour

If your furry best friend tends to get a bit whiffy, a bit of stove ash rubbed onto your dog’s coat will neutralise strong smells, including the smell of fox which dogs love.

2. Reduce paving stains

You could soak up wet paint spills on the pavement by coating the spillage with ash. Sprinkle some ashes on grease or oil spillages, then rub it in with a cloth and finish by sweeping up.

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3. Compost enrichment

Once you have purchased your stove from a reputable store like http://www.stovebay.com/, you can use wood ash to enhance your compost’s nutrients. It contains minerals that can be used as a substitute for lime to raise the pH of acid soils. Just sprinkle a handful of ashes but don’t apply ash to plants that need a more acid environment, like fruits. Be sure to check out the guidance in https://www.gov.uk/guidance/waste-exemption-u14-incorporating-ash-into-soil.

4. Garden pest repellent

It’s a natural deterrent which can be spread lightly and evenly around individual plants or a plot perimeter and it will repel slugs and snails. Try to avoid direct contact with the plants and remember, rain will wash this effect away.

5. Melt ice and snow

Its alkaline nature means wood ashes can be used to add traction and to de-ice surfaces, without corroding the soil or concrete underneath. Spread it on walkways and driveways and the ashes will melt ice. Wood ash is kind to animal paws, won’t damage pavements, is the eco-friendly alternative to rock salt and it won’t cost you a penny.

So, instead of throwing them out with the rubbish, you can find many uses around the home for your wood ash.


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