8 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Budget Under Control

Getting married can be expensive. According to the experts, the average wedding now costs more than £15,000 – and that’s money most people don’t just have lying around.

8 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Budget Under Control

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According to The Telegraph, around 11% of newlyweds come close to breaking up due to wedding-related money woes.

So it makes sense to try to save money where and when you can.

Whether you’re getting married at one of the wedding venues in Essex, such as http://www.whitehartweddingvenue.co.uk/, or in a castle in Scotland, getting the whole event just right can really add up. Here are eight simple ideas which you can use to reduce costs.

Dress Wisely

If you plan carefully, you will be able to pick up that beautiful dream gown at a discount – designer shops often have ‘end of season’ sales where their wares can be obtained at a fraction of the original price.

Family Heirlooms

Ask your relatives if they have any items you could borrow to wear on the day – this will be a nice gesture as well as saving you cash, and you can use them for your ‘something old, something borrowed’ too.

8 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Budget Under Control2

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Blooming Lovely

Flowers which are in season are cheaper than those which are not, so when arranging your floral displays, ask the florist which flowers will be blooming locally at the time of the wedding, and use them as your main theme.


Ask your baking-crazy friends if they can provide small cakes or desserts for your catering. If one of them is talented enough, you could even get them to make your wedding cake.

Place It

Specially printed place names can be costly, so why not make them yourself? You won’t need much artistic talent – just some creative ideas, which you can easily find on the internet.

Table Flowers

Instead of putting your bridal bouquet to one side to wilt after the wedding ceremony, you could reuse the flowers as table decorations at your reception.


Table decorations can be expensive, but with a little thought you can make them yourself. How about a photo of the happy couple in a pretty frame, or a candle arrangement?


Favours can be made really cheaply. Just a few sweets or fancy chocolates, arranged in a pretty container or maybe a handwritten note to each guest will go down well.

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