A gift that keeps on giving

Some people are really difficult to buy for at Christmas. It becomes harder every year to find interesting and unique gifts that won’t be a total waste of money. Yes it’s easy to wrap a pair of socks, slippers or a piece of costume jewellery but what does that gift really say? It says, I’ve no idea what to get you and I couldn’t be bothered to think about it in any great depth so here’s some cheap tat that I wrapped so as not to ruin Christmas for you!  We spend, on average, over £500 on presents alone and how much of that money is spent on gifts that truly mean something or will have a lasting positive impact on the recipient? Probably not much, so we need to do better people! What we need is a gift giving revolution.

Instead of giving a material item, we need to start giving experiences. Our recipients need to be excited, thrilled, slightly terrified even about what awaits them when you present them with an experience day. Your gift will be the one that fuels adrenaline and creates memories. Your name will be remembered as the One Who Gave Great Gifts! Because a true gift is one that people feel with their emotions and senses, one that makes people laugh and feel happier about life, even just for one day. Let your family member or friend know how much you care by letting them feel really alive as they do something that they’ve never done before.

A gift that keeps on giving

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There are some pretty wild and adventurous experience days to choose from too. For example, what about spending the day being your very own Tank Commander? Now there’s something that not many people can lay claim to and promises to offer high octane excitement and merriment for all. For a Nottingham Tank Driving Day, visit https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/ for more information.

Experiences make fantastic gifts because the anticipation that we feel is a large component of how much gratification we get. As consumers, we always give more credit to the positive impact of material gifts than we do to experiences but in a recent survey, when asked which type of gift will give more pleasure per pound spent, people chose experiences. Getting out and partaking in an activity is a social connection and us humans need to feel that connection with a community, even if it’s a daunting prospect sometimes. We can get a huge amount of pleasure from shared experiences and learning and particularly if that is doing something that we have an interest in.

Some gifts we simply tire off and they end up stashed away in the back of a drawer or cupboard. We buy them because we think they will last a long time and so must be better value for money. But a memory lasts a lifetime and the shared fun of an experience can live on as part of your family story.

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