An introduction to Drupal

You may not have heard of Drupal, but you’ve almost certainly encountered it many times whilst surfing the internet. Drupal is an open-source software package that it is available for anyone to use, completely free of charge, to build and manage all sorts of websites. It’s a fully comprehensive application, backed by a huge online community that offers advice and assistance to other users and shares its knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome for all users.

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When was Drupal developed?

According to TechTarget, Drupal began as a basic PHP bulletin board program, but was altered and developed by a Dutch developer called Dries Buytaert at the beginning of the new millennium. By 2001, he had made it open source, meaning that it could be available to anyone for no charge, allowing even those with no web design knowledge to put together a website or blog.

Why should I use Drupal?

Over time, Drupal has grown and expanded to become one of the most popular open source platforms on the web. People around the world use the software to create websites, forums, blogs and even social networking sites. Major organisations and companies, such as Estée Lauder, and even the White House in the USA, use the platform as the basis for their websites, thanks to the software’s adaptability and high-value add-ons. The software includes everything you need to get up and running with little or no previous experience of website creation, and includes an installer along with a huge variety of themes that have been created by other users, all of which can be adapted according to personal preference.

Although the application is available to everyone, building your own site may not be a wise move for anything but the most basic of sites. It’s probably best to seek professional advice if you plan on creating a larger company website or ecommerce site. You can easily find a Drupal design agency to create your site for you, such as for example, but once your site has been created, the content management system within the application allows you to update images and content, without having to refer back to your design team to make changes on your behalf.

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With so many satisfied users around the world, it’s well worth considering using the Drupal application to create your website.

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