Are you the “Wolf” of your street?

The film “The Wolf of Wall Street” was actually based on the real life of a genuine Wall Street trader named Jordan Belfort. Written by Terence Winter, directed by Martin Scorsese and released in 2013 this black, biographical, American comedy, crime film portrays the rise and fall of the Wall Street Stockbroker.

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After securing a prestigious position for L.F. Rothschild under his new boss Mark Hanna, Belfort very quickly succumbs to the drug-fuelled, explicit sex life that Hanna introduces him to. Working for any traditional American, New York, Stockbroker or English, Swindon Accountants does not normally put somebody in such an untenable position. If you need professional, trustworthy Accountancy advice then get in touch with companies such as  .

After the biggest financial crash in history known as “Black Monday” Belfort is fired and starts work at a new firm based on Long Island. Thanks to his incredibly aggressive style of pitching at this Brokerage firm, that specialises in penny stocks, he soon makes himself a fortune.

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After, Belfort befriends his neighbour, together with several of his closest friends he forms his own company which he names “Stratton Oakmont”.  The ultra-successful firm personifies everything bad about a financial institution as they practise several misleading “pump and dump” schemes. After getting married, having children, being involved in a car crash, several sex and drugs filled years, Jordan Belfort is arrested and spends twenty-two months in jail.  On his release he continued to make money teaching sales techniques.


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