Best Van Conversions

Converting a van can help turn a generic LCV into a vehicle that is perfectly suited to a specific type of job. Here is a look at some of the best conversion options available at the moment, suitable for sole traders and SMBs alike.

Best Van Conversions

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Plylining Installation

Most vans are sold with the bare metal of their core elements exposed, especially in the load area. And because of this, it is all too easy for damage to occur during loading, unloading and transit when heavy goods or equipment are stowed on board.

Counteracting this with plylining is the ideal solution. It will help your van retain its value and avoid maintenance costs while also meaning that anything you store in the rear will be protected effectively.

Companies like offer products and services that can help this type of conversion to be completed at a competitive price point.

Bulkhead Customisation

Buying a used van with a standard full-height bulkhead may be the only option, since this is the most popular set-up around and bespoke alternatives are hard to find. So converting an existing bulkhead to accommodate custom features is an important next step.

Best Van Conversions2

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You may want to increase the load length by adding a hatch in the bulkhead, so longer items like piping and planks can be transported even if the wheelbase of the van is not sizeable enough to manage them in its standard format.

If a van lacks a full-height bulkhead and you do not want to install an expensive steel option, then a plywood bulkhead is also a good investment. And as van sales continue to set records, more businesses than ever will be looking to adapt LCVs.

Shelving and More

Another great way to convert a van to offer improved practicality is to add shelving racks to the load space, which can then be equipped with containers and shelves of whatever type best suits your business.

In many cases, you may need to get such racks built to custom specifications, as van dimensions vary quite a lot. And plywood is often the most affordable material to choose, even if metal shelving may be a little more resilient against wear and tear over time.

Finally, you might want to consider adding a secure storage container to your van’s interior, giving you an extra layer of protection against the threat of theft.

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